Blacklight Patch Notes v0.972 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for June 27, 2012.[1]

Fixes Edit

  • Fixed resetting of selected taunt to account for switching between different heroes
  • Fixed not being able to cancel a private match creation
  • Fixed a menu crash that occurs in private match create menu
  • Fixed the upper body armory bug
  • Added new audio setting for enable/disabling low stamina "panting" sound
  • Fixed a case where your FOV could be set to 0
  • Fixed hitches for players with lots of friends
  • Minor client optimizations

Balance Edit

  • Added 0.6 sec spawn shield
  • Increased damage on melee taunts
  • Minimum players to voteskip a map is now 2
  • Zoom key now melees with throwing knives

References Edit

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