Blacklight Patch Notes v0.0991 RC2 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for 30 October 2012.[1]

Added Edit

  • Added new map: Evac
  • Added new Hero: Lilith
  • Added new Primary Receiver: Anti-Materiel Rifle "A very powerful sniper rifle with a long scope time. Available for GP and Zen!"
  • Added new Secondary Receiver: Breach Loaded Pistol "A unique weapon that fires an explosive charge that can stick to enemies! Available for GP and Zen!
  • Added new Depot Item: Katana "A deadly sword with a charging lunge attack that can go through multiple targets. Available for GP and Zen!"
  • Added new Tactical Item: Firewall Breach Kit "A kit that makes hacking much easier, decreases entry time into enemy hardsuits, and boosts your HRV abilities. Available for GP and Zen!"
  • Added new Gear Items: Protection Gear "Patches that provide a passive resistance to a specific damage type. Available for GP and Zen!"
  • Added new Gear Item: Exploding Tomahawk *A tomahawk that can be thrown and remotely exploded. Available for GP and Zen!"
  • Added new Helmet: Prex Chemical/Hazmat Respirator "A helmet that provides a passive resistance to explosive damage. Available for GP and Zen!"
  • Added two new Scopes: EMI Fused Image-IR and EMI Cypher IR "Infared scopes with 4x and 3x zoom, respectively. Available for GP and Zen!"
  • Added premium servers to the game available with a large variety of mutator options (now including disabling elemental ammo) and ability to choose map and gametype.
    • They also contain a ban list and can be marked private with an "invite only" list for certain players and clans.
    • They are created in the private match create menu after purchasing a premium match token.
    • Existing premium servers are edited by selecting in the server browser and clicking the "Manage" button.
    • They can be renewed this way or have more time added to them. Expired servers also show up in the server browser.
    • They can be deleted or renewed.
  • Added "Spectate Through Death" option in Settings -> Game that allows you continue spectating a player after they die.
  • Added "Spawn Effects" option in Settings -> Game that allows you to enable/disable the visual effects from spawning.
  • Added "ADS Fix" experimental option in Settings -> Control aimed at trying to resolve the issue of firing only one round when holding down the fire button after sprinting. Please give us feedback on whether or not having this option Enabled resolves any issues that you have had.


  • Fixed issue that would cause the sprint animation to occur while walking at normal speed.
  • Fixed issues on multiple levels that prevented players from being shot in certain areas.
  • Steam wallet and achievement functionality has been restored.
  • Fixed issues around sprinting, weapon-switching and landing that caused the Bolt-Action Rifle to lose functionality.
  • Creating a custom match no longer results in receiving an incorrect failure message.
  • Warlord and Rival text no longer overlaps.
  • Fixed an issue that disabled a hardsuit's weapons when using HRV ping with HRV toggle disabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused inconsistent server browser pings (including 0ms) to show up in some cases.
  • Clan invites received while in a match should be acceptable now.
  • Cancelling a tweet should no longer generate an error dialog box.
  • Hero gear is now re-equipable after you switch away from it.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI for 4th gear slot for some Heroes would break.
  • Fixed some gear items not appearing in the correct spots for Heroes.
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would disappear when collecting GP from the mail.
  • Fixed an issue where free items would not display in inventory lists.

Changed Edit

  • LMG Recon is now available for direct purchase.
  • The 100 CP bonus for re-enabling the scorpion tank can only be collected every 25 seconds.
  • Quick Join now only joins official servers. It now ignores the server browser filters for hiding personal or official servers.

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