Blacklight Patch Notes v0.992 RC2 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for November 20, 2012.[1]


  • Headshot Only: Only headshots will deal damage. Not available if Headshots are disabled.
  • Admin List: You can now set other players as admins for your server. Admins can kick and ban players, as well as update the server options, but cannot destroy it.
  • Allow Anticheat: Disabling this option will prevent Punkbuster from checking your server and the players within it. XP and GP are reduced by 75% in non-Punkbuster servers.

Balance Changes Edit

  • Reduced the CP award for the Repair Tool.
  • Vehicles with more than 13k health will now be repaired for a percentage of their max health instead of a flat value when using the Repair Tool; this will improve repair times for such vehicles.
  • The Hardsuit's boost now only deals 1000 damage to vehicles, and 2000 damage to players.
  • Grendel now uses a Barricade instead of an Ammo Pod.
  • The Heal Injector now uses an ammo system; 2 ammo will be used to poison enemies, 1 ammo will be used to heal friendly players, and healing yourself consumes the entire magazine. Ammo will still automatically refill over time.
  • Poisoning an enemy with the Heal Injector now deals 40 damage over 1.5 seconds, instead of 100 damage over 15 seconds.
  • The Air Strike's cost has been increased to 600CP, and its ammo count has been decreased to 2.

Bug Fixes Edit

UI Edit

  • Clicking View Last Match as a Spectator no longer displays the winning team on both sides of the scoreboard.
  • The SpeedDemon legs no longer display as an Award in the Unlocks menu.
  • The Unlocks menu no longer displays duplicate entries for Heroes.
  • Fixed an issue in which non-datanode items sent through the mail would use the datanode icon.
  • Fixed the spelling of the Breech Loaded Pistol.
  • The proper tooltip now displays for a Hero's 6th depot slot.
  • Sending a Twitter message from Training or Practice no longer displays an incorrect message.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a brief hang when sending tweets.
  • The default Burstfire Rifle now has the correct name.
  • The HRV bar will now be permanently empty in premium servers with HRV disabled.
  • The Hardsuit Battle Mode UI will no longer appear in premium servers with tactical gear disabled.
  • Double-clicking an expired premium server now takes you to the Server Management screen.
  • Premium servers now correctly show their region.
  • Enabling Force Ready Up now gives players in the intermission a "Prepared" button. The match will not transition to the lobby until all players are prepared.
  • Recreating a premade weapon by using the same attachments will no longer cause the weapon to have the premade weapon's name.
  • Friend requests received while you are offline are no longer displayed if Decline Friend Invites is enabled.
  • Inviting a player to your clan now displays a fly*out similar to a friend invite rather than a full-screen pop-up.
  • Received clan invites now display the name of the player who sent the invitation.
  • Lilith's Step Off emote now has the proper icon.
  • Fixed an issue where using a gear item could cause the wrong gear icon to update.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Escape at the Social Menu on the Pause screen could cause it to break.
  • Fixed an issue where going to Customization from Intermission with a player selected could cause the menu to break.
  • Pressing Enter and / in quick succession will no longer break the Chat UI.
  • Updated the appearance of the in-game wallet.
  • The GP and CP abbreviations are now consistently used in all three languages.
  • The warning message when destroying a Premium Server is now more detailed.
  • Fixed being able to select Trophies after Unequipping hero gear.
  • Fixed an issue in which updated premium server settings would not be immediately displayed.


  • Fixed an issue where the Breach Hammer would sometimes require a reload on a miss.
  • Purchased loadout slots now properly appear in Training and Practice.
  • Proximity Mines placed on certain objects should now correctly do damage.
  • You can no longer pick up a Tomahawk that's stuck to a living enemy.
  • The Breech Loaded Pistol's Incendiary Flare will no longer burn out the Scorpion Tank's pilot.
  • Hardsuit HRV Ping effects no longer persist after leaving the Hardsuit.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to reload their weapon while in HRV.
  • Taunting now properly interrupts the reload sequence.
  • It is no longer possible to skip the Healing Injector's animation by entering HRV.
  • It is no longer possible to extend the distance of the Katana's lunge attack by jumping.
  • The Hard Drive Test once again works properly.
  • Leaving a match now clears any Votekicks you have sent during the match.
  • It is no longer possible to kick or ban a premium server's owner.
  • Fixed weapon recoil being cleared when moving the mouse.
  • Fixed a possible Depot activation delay.


  • Gameplay notices should no longer play after the match has ended.
  • Audio will no longer drop out over time in Evac and Seaport.
  • Force Default Audio now properly converts premium voice packs to default rather than muting them entirely.
  • Audio should no longer drop out when alt*tabbing.


  • IR Scopes no longer display the wrong colors when looking at players in direct sunlight.
  • The Exploding Tomahawk no longer clips through female characters' legs.

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