Blacklight Patch Notes v1.000 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for January 29, 2013.[1]

New Features Edit

  • A new, comprehensive stats system has been added. Note that new stats will only show up after completing a match, and that these stats are not retroactive.
  • The way that weapon recoil and spread function has been updated. Weapon recoil is considerably less vertical, but slightly more random. However, weapon spread is now more consistent with the gun is pointing. This should ultimately make your shots much more predictable and give a more clearly defined relationship between recoil and spread. Recoil and spread values have also been adjusted for all weapons.
  • Spectators can now jump directly into the match they are spectating as long as there are open spots. Players can also switch directly to spectators.
  • The News panel has been updated with a new version.
  • A new premium server mutator has been added to disable changing teams.
  • Bots can now be added to premium servers.
  • New GP-exclusive chance packs.

UI Edit

  • The mouse cursor now changes to an "I" beam when hovering over a text input box.
  • Featured Items are now displayed on the main menu.
  • The number of spectators in a match is now displayed both in-game and in the Server Browser.
  • The Server Browser now shows the current round for Siege games.
  • A new Cumulative Score setting has been added to Game Options. This option controls whether the scoreboard displays the score for the current round or the entire match.
  • Crosshair settings have been moved to their own section in the Settings menu.
  • A new weapon stat, Spread-Move, has been added. This shows the weapon's spread while moving.
  • You can now skip the AAR with the space bar.
  • The Alien helmet has been renamed to the Allied RET-3 Astral.
  • The Overmatch Bonebreaker helmet has been renamed to the Overmatch Bonebreaker BKR.a.

Balance Changes Edit

  • The Heal Injector now uses 3 ammo to heal or poison other players, up from 1.
  • The respawn time for bots in Practice has been reduced from 10-30 seconds to 10-15.
  • The Heavy Pistol's firerate has been reduced from 800 to 600.
  • The Submachine Gun's damage has been reduced from 45 to 40.
  • The Burstfire Pistol's damage has been reduced from 50 to 40.
  • The inventory cap has been raised to 1000.
  • Teams will always spawn in the same location when a new Domination or King of the Hill match starts.
  • The Breech Loaded Pistol's Scattershot magazine is no longer considered elemental ammo.

Bug Fixes Edit

UI Edit

  • Tutorial pop-ups are now properly displayed for the Agents tab of the Premium Server menu.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to increase the success rate of Node Fusion could cause the Steam overlay to appear.
  • The Chat box's display status is now properly saved when returning to the main menu after leaving a match.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking to quickly on the social menu after clicking a menu option could break the UI.
  • The default loadout checkbox should now work properly for Hero loadouts.
  • Clan names must now have 3 or more characters.
  • The End of Round UI will no longer be shown if you are in the pause menu during the transition.
  • Attempting to create a clan with the same name or tag as an existing clan will now give a valid error message.
  • Chat should no longer be cleared when joining or leaving a match.
  • Expired datanodes no longer show up when inspecting other players.
  • The tooltip for the Snub 260's Precision Barrel now properly says it reduces spread.
  • If the Bullpup Full Auto's muzzle expires, the default muzzle will now be properly equipped.
  • The tooltip for the Frontier Jurisdication I-L4 now properly says it reduces spread.
  • Mailing an item while the Mini Mart tab is open in Customization will no longer break the UI.
  • Equipping a piece of Protection Gear, then selecting a non-Protection Gear item, will no longer display overlapping text.
  • Items are now properly de-selected when selecting new items in the Mini Mart.


  • Dying in a premium match with gear disabled will no longer crash the game.
  • Attempting to create a clan with the same name or tag as an existing clan will no longer consume the Create A Clan item.
  • Bots are once again functional in Practice.
  • Attaching an Exploding Tomahawk to a friendly player will no longer cause it to explode where the player was standing when it was attached.
  • GP is now properly consumed when increasing the fusion chance for datanodes.
  • The Heal Injector no longer awards extra points for over-healing.
  • The Shotgun AR-k will now properly fire when switching weapons while holding the fire button.
  • If both primary and secondary receivers are out of ammo, running out of gear will now switch back to your primary receiver for melee attacks.


  • The hardsuit no longer lands above the ground.
  • Muzzles are properly attached to the Bullpup Full Auto in third person.
  • Clicking the Hide Locked filter in the Hero selection UI will no longer display an invalid Hero.

References Edit

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