Blacklight: Retribution v1.100 Patch Notes ("Onslaught Patch") Edit


  • Onslaught: Fight off increasingly difficult waves of enemies in this four-player cooperative game mode. Available in four difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and the headshots-only Hardcore.
  • Search and Destroy: This new multi-round, limited-respawn game mode tasks one team with planting a deadly bomb, while the other team must prevent or defuse it.


  • Metro: This underground rail terminal is full of cover and tight spaces to surprise your foes.
  • Safehold: Above ground, this railway station has plenty of cover, but an open courtyard in the middle can turn quickly into a bloodbath.
  • Centre: A quarantined area which appears to have been a shopping centre before the infection (Only available in Onslaught gamemode.)


  • You can now define the number of rounds a match lasts, up to 15. This applies to all game modes, even those that normally do not have multiple rounds.
  • Team Swap: Set whether teams swap after every round, after half the rounds have been played, or never swap at all.
  • Disable Join in progress: Enabling this option prevents players from joining once the match has started. In multi-round games, new players will spectate until the end of the current round and join at the beginning of the next.
  • Many mutators now have a "Default" option, which will cause the server to use the default setting for the game mode.


  • Light Machine Gun: Spread-Aim increased from 1.26 to 1.72.  Increased the initial recoil.
  • Heavy Assault Rifle: Spread-Move increased from 3.11 to 4.60,  Increased max aim spread to not be zero
  • Bullpup Full Auto: Decreased the magnitude of side recoil when the weapon starts firing. Overall recoil reduced.
  • Assault Rifle: Reduced initial recoil, increased magnitude of recoil pattern, and reduced the size of random recoil. This should make overall recoil similar, but less random.
  • Combat Rifle: Reduced recoil while aiming. Increased recoil recovery.


  • Joining a premium server now displays a pop-up listing all of the mutators on that server.
  • You can now join a Friend's game as a spectator.


  • Stats have been added for Onslaught and Search And Destroy.
  • Projectile items now properly assign their damage, hits, and kills to the correct weapon.
  • The Flag Captures stat has been renamed to Captures for consistency across game modes.
  • The Earned XP stat is now calculated properly.
  • The distance traveled in the Scorpion Tank in Siege no longer adds to the Distance Traveled in Hardsuit stat.


  • Players with their rank set as their title will now show it correctly in Clan/Friend/Party listings.
  • Joining a friend's game while already in a match will now properly terminate your connection to the first match's Teamspeak channel.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent certain premium servers from being properly renewed.
  • GP is now properly earned for kills during round 1 of Siege.
  • The Shotgun AR-K will now properly fire if you pressed and held the fire button while equipping it.
  • You can no longer get outside the map in Decay.
  • You can no longer get outside the map in SeaPort.
  • You can no longer get outside the map in Vortex.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause items attached to mail to appear multiple times.
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