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In Blacklight: Retribution an Agent may purchase different kinds of magazines and Special (Elemental) Ammunition.

Standard Ammunition


Standard Ammunition represents the different types of magazines players can use to further customize Primary and Secondary Receivers. These magazines are usually categorized by a letter code near the end of their name. For most weapons the following different types of magazines are available:

  • 'Q': Quick reloading
  • 'L': Light magazine (run faster)
  • 'E': Express magazines (faster reload times and run speed - but not as much as their Q and L variants)
  • 'XL': Extra Large capacity for additional ammunition

Special Ammunition

Before the Parity PatchSpecial Ammunition was purchasable and used in place of a regular magazine. Now Special Ammunition has its own slot when customizing weapons and any magazine can be used in conjunction with Special Ammunition. See Special Ammunition for more details.

Special Ammunition consists of:

  • Explosive
  • Electro
  • Toxic
  • Incendiary
  • Magnum
  • Armor Piercing Rounds
  • Hollow Point Rounds

Ammunition per Receiver

Each Receiver has its own set of magazines that can be used by players to suit their play-style. The following lists represent all Primary and Secondary Receivers in-game.

Primary Receivers

Secondary Receivers


Weapon Parts
BLR MuzzleIcon.gifMuzzleBLR IconBarrel.gifBarrelBLR IconStock.gifStockBLR IconScope.jpgScopeBLR DE AmmoIcon.gifAmmunition