The ArmetX - Retribution is a helmet in Blacklight: Retribution and is a variant of the Overmatch ArmetX.

Overview Edit

Originally, this helmet could only be received by redeeming a special promo code that was available to all forum members at It came together with the MMO Hut Weapon Tag and did not change any of your character's stats.

The ArmetX - Retribution itself is painted with the logo and desktop icon of the game itself, Blacklight: Retribution.

This helmet could only be won through the "RARE HELMET LOTTERY BOX", which was available post-Parity Patch, until it was removed in the Holiday Update on the 18th of December, 2015. It is currently not for sale in the Customization Menu.

Rarity Edit

  • Rare

Price Edit

  • Permanent: n/a

In-game Description Edit

Standard helmet. A Retribution version of the Overmatch ArmetX

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