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The ArmetX - Retribution is a helmet in Blacklight: Retribution and is a variant of the Overmatch ArmetX.


Originally, this helmet could only be received by redeeming a special promo code that was available to all forum members at It came together with theMMO Hut Weapon Tag and did not change any of your character's stats.

The ArmetX - Retribution itself is painted with the logo and desktop icon of the game itself, Blacklight: Retribution.

This helmet could only be won through the "RARE HELMET LOTTERY BOX", which was available post-Parity Patch, until it was removed in the Holiday Update on the 18th of December, 2015. It is currently not for sale in the Customization Menu.


  • Rare


  • Permanent: n/a

In-game Description

Standard helmet. A Retribution version of the Overmatch ArmetX