Blacklight Soldier

A screenshot of a Blacklight Soldier.

The Blacklight is one of the two available Factions in Blacklight: Tango Down. Blacklight is a covert ops unit made up of the finest soldiers in the world using the latest in high-tech weaponry and war gear. Their equipment includes many cutting edge innovations - including Hyper Reality Visor, reactive armor, and digital grenades. A team of Blacklight operative, Tango Team, aka Tango Down, have been dispatched to Balik, Kajikistan to locate and recover one of their former members and commanders, Colonel Klein. Klein has recently gone missing along with the rest of his team of operative. Once on the ground in Balik, conditions for Blacklight quickly deteriorate, and Tango Down team's search for Klein turns into a full-scale battle against The Order.


Blacklight: Tango Down's team logo is a skull in the shape of an arrow pointing down. The skull is sometimes surrounded by a circle and sometimes not.
Blacklight Skull

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