Blacklight Holiday patch [18 December 2015][edit | edit source]


New Features[edit | edit source]

  • Prime is no more, long live the GP Duplicator! We will have a blog post up with more information when patch goes live.
  • Added new items for all to enjoy
  • A multi-playlist selector has been added to the playlist menus, you can now queue for multiple game types at once!
  • Level-restricted playlists have been added for new players

Game Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Level restrictions have been removed from all items
  • Most functional items can now be purchased permanently with GP
  • GP prices have been adjusted to varying degrees
  • Rig has been optimized, and should run much better
  • Reduced several hitches in the startup sequence, main menus, and social tabs
  • BLP and BSMG have been tuned
  • You can no longer start practice while searching for a match
  • Ping bars now also show numbers in addition to tiers
  • Update to µ setting on Spoon due to AOE falloff cascading too quickly
  • Improved matchmaking performance and functionality
  • Completed missions will now write to your live feed
  • GP Bonuses (if applicable) will now be individually called out in the AAR
  • Pass done on weapon balancing
  • Additional work on servers for stability and future services

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed missing scopes
  • Fixed being unable to reload in certain situations
  • Fixed a level glitch in Vortex
  • Fixed a level glitch in Seaport
  • Fixed a level glitch in Rig
  • Fixed a level glitch in Crashsite
  • Fixed issues with spectator joining
  • Fixed an issue where ammo / health counters are not updated in the HUD
  • Fixed some bugs with profile stats
  • Fixed several rare crash bugs
  • Fixed issues with the holo decoy and hero skins
  • Fixed issues with certain taunt and gender combinations
  • Fixed an issue with burst fire weapon animations getting stuck on in certain situations
  • Fixed issues with private matches
  • Fixed issues with friends lists
  • Fixed emblem color mismatch between character and UI
  • Fixed reload / taunt bug
  • Fixed a movement stutter upon initial movement
  • Fixed an issue where the kill cam would freeze at the wrong time
  • Fixed Kill Confirmed tags sometimes not dropping
  • Fixed alignment on sights for shotgun barrels
  • Fixed alignment of EMI Scope on pistols
  • Fixed incorrect end match text in Onslaught
  • Fixed unreliable headshot stat tracking

References[edit | edit source]

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