Combat Points (CP) are currency earned in-game by doing almost anything within Blacklight: Retribution.



Weapon Depot

Combat Points are a form of currency that can be earned in-game by getting kills, assists, capturing nodes, completing objectives and doing anything that would benefit the team.

CP can be used at Weapon Depots to purchase items like an ammo refill, a Hardsuit, a Grenade Launcher, and a Sentry Turret.

Note, every player's CP resets to 0 after each game match.

Ways to Earn Combat PointsEdit

  • Kills: 100 CP
  • Assists: 25 CP
  • Morale Boost: 25 CP
  • Headshot: +20 CP to kill
  • Payback: +25 CP to kill
  • Rival Agent: +20 CP to kill
  • High Threat: 50 CP 
  • High Threat Eliminated: 
  • Team Warlord: 50 CP
  • Dominating: 50 CP
  • Killing Spree: 50 CP
  • Unstoppable: 100 CP
  • Hack: 200 CP
  • Hack Assist: 150 CP
  • Eliminate Hardsuit: 200 CP
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