Capture the Flag (CTF) is a Game Mode that is available in both Blacklight games.

CTF in Blacklight: Retribution[edit | edit source]

CTF in Vertigo (Blacklight: Retribution)

Capture the Flag is a game mode where teams attempt to secure then capture the opposing team's flag. In Blacklight: Retribution the flag is a blue or red container that once grabbed is attached to the carrier's belt. It must then be brought safely to the control point of the carrier's own team to capture it. Additionally, in order to score a point the carrier's flag must be at home.

If the carrier dies and an enemy walks over the dropped flag it is returned.

CTF in Blacklight: Tango Down[edit | edit source]

"Secure the enemies control unit." - Announcer

Overview[edit | edit source]

Your basic base versus base game mode. Two teams fight to push into the enemy base and capture their device, then bring it back to their own base for a point. However the point is only rewarded when your own device is present at your base. The carrier cannot sprint, so teamwork is essential in this game mode, as well as a good defense. First team to capture the enemy device 3 times wins.

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