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The Cloak is a Tactical Gear available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

This Tactical Gear renders the player almost invisible. If the player is moving, they becomes slightly more visible, as there are some distortions that highlight their silhouette. These distortions are similar to looking through a window that is not completely flat.

While the Cloak is activated, it is not possible to use Receivers, Gear, or to Melee. However, it is possible to hack a Node or open and close doors. You can also enter an empty Hardsuit or Scorpion Tank while being cloaked. There is no limit to how long an Agent can stay cloaked. However, to reactivate it, the energy bar must be full.

Tactics Edit

The Cloak is ideal to get behind enemy lines without being noticed. In CTF and pre-Parity Patch NetWar this Tactical Gear can be used to approach the flag unnoticed, or even wait at the flag's spawning point to grab it immediately when it respawns. Once the flag has been grabbed, it is advised to deactivate the Cloak so it is possible to defend oneself. While the agent is still invisible, the moving flag is not, making opponents quickly aware of a cloaked player's position.

In Domination, if a lone Hardsuit is guarding a Node, you can approach and hack the Node in relative safety, as the most player in Hardsuits usually do not have the Hardsuit HRV Ping equipped and may not immediately notice that the Node is being hacked. This may also work with regular players, assuming of course that they don't activate their HRV.

The Cloak can also be used in Kill Confirmed to collect enemy kill data for teammates who are sniping from further away, or when the kill data is close to the enemy team.

Additionally, it is impossible to have both the Cloak and the HRV Cloak equipped, as players can only equip one Tactical Gear.

In-game Description Edit

Tactical gear. Renders you nearly invisible until turned off.

Rarity: Edit

  • Uncommon

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