The Compound Bow is a Primary Receiver available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Weapon Overview Edit

The Compound Bow is a unique weapon in Blacklight: Retribution as it is the only Primary Receiver that does not fire bullets yet is still a projectile weapon. Because this weapon fires actual projectiles (arrows) it does not use the hit-scan method most weapons use to determine hits and misses. This enables released arrows to kill enemy players after the firer has been killed.

This weapon's firerate is comparable to the Bolt-Action Rifle but does considerably more damage after releasing an arrow that has been notched and pulled back all the way.

Also, when firing the Compound Bow the arrows travel is a slight arc and if the player is killed with an arrow notched and pulled back all the way, the arrow will be fired.

Usage Edit

The Compound Bow has two firing modes; both require the player to hold down one or more mouse buttons.

Mode 1 Edit

Pressing and holding the left mouse button will notch an arrow but the bow will be held diagonally. Releasing the left mouse button will fire the arrow. Arrows fired like this will deal 180 damage. This mode is suitable for quickly firing arrows at close range as the player does not have to draw and hold a notched arrow.

Mode 2 Edit

Pressing and holding the right mouse button will bring the bow to a vertical position enabling the player to aim down the bow's sights. Then pressing and holding the left mouse button will cause the player to load and pull an arrow back against the bow string. Releasing left mouse button will fire the arrow while releasing right mouse button will not fire the arrow and bring the bow back to its default resting position.

Arrows fired in this mode will do the max damage only if the arrow is pulled all the way back then fired.

Tactics Edit

The Compound Bow is by no means, a beginner weapon. It is one of two receivers to use projectile based ammunition, so it requires the player to lead shots, which takes getting used to. To use the weapon effectively, use your Hyper Reality Visor often to prepare your shots. Also take into account the armor build of your opponents, as an enemy with 180 HP or lower will always die in one hit, and an enemy with 250 HP will always take 2 body-shots.

Ammunition Edit

  • Standard Arrow

Valentine's Day Ammo Edit

Unreleased Ammunition Edit

Not yet released Ammunition for the Compound Bow.

Skins Edit

Name Permanent Price Image
Cupid's QT Pi Bow [1] 1000 ZCoin

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