Crusher - A. Hernandez is a Heavy Medic Hero in Blacklight: Retribution.

Hero Overview

Crusher - A. Hernandez was an EMT hero with increased health and armor but reduced movement speed. This hero was equipped with a customized Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Heal Injector Mk.1.

Crusher was introduced during the Zombie Week event.

In-game Description

She's built to absorb damage and keep her allies in the fight.

Post Parity Patch

Crusher no longer comes with any weapons or equipment. All heroes are now similar to camo but can change the player's geometry as well.


  • Uncommon


  • Default: Permanent 70000 GP / 500 ZCoin

Alternate Camo Prices

  • Desert C.S.A.R. Crusher: Permanent 300000 GP / 2000 ZCoin (Epic)

Original Statistics

These statistics are no longer relevant as all heroes now function identically to Camos. These stats only exist as a historical record.

Health 237 Run 7.49
Armor 21% HRV 55.0u
Stamina 4.3s Recharge 8.3u/s


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