Datanodes were equippable stat boosters in Blacklight: Retribution. They are no longer available in-game.

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With the release of the Parity Patch allDatanodes and the Datanode Chance Packs have been removed from the game. See below for information on Datanodes when they were available in-game.

Pre-Parity Patch Information Edit

Node fusion

Datanode Fusion menu

Datanodes are equippable items that boost your character's stats for a set period of time and can be received in the Datanode Chance Packs.

Data Node Menu Edit

  • Node List - The datanodes you have.
  • Node Socket - The datanodes you have activated.
  • Node Fusion - Node Fusion allows the player to fuse 2 nodes together to form a better node. GP can be used to increase the chance of success. The initial success chance rate is 5%.

Datanode Stats Edit


Datanode visual explanation. Courtesy of Aggh.[1]

Data nodes comprise of 3 elements, Rank, Rarity and effect.

  • Node Effect: The stats directly affected when the node is equipped. Examples include higher damage or increased movement speed whilst scoping in. The currently available node effects are listed bellow (currently collecting).
  • Node Rarity: Nodes are available in six rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Each rarity impacts how effective the node is. For example, a common datanodes may increase damage by 3%, whereas a legendary node may improve damage by 10% (current known cap).
  • Node Rank: Nodes are also ranked from 1 to 5. The higher rank the node, the longer it will be provide stat bonuses. A higher rank node can be obtained through fusion.

Effective Node Durations Edit

  • Rank 1 = 1 day
  • Rank 2 = 3 days
  • Rank 3 = 7 days
  • Rank 4 = 30 days
  • Rank 5 = 90 days

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