Deacon - T. Halsey is a Hero for Blacklight: Retribution. Originally he was unintentionally previewed due to a bug on July 11th 2012.

Hero Overview[edit | edit source]

Deacon - T. Halsey was released with the Siege update in August 2012. Deacon is described as an engineer. Deacon sported well rounded stats, with above average HP and came equipped with the Repair Tool tactical gear. This hero has an alternate skin called "Full Exoframe Deacon".

Post Parity Patch[edit | edit source]

Deacon no longer comes with any weapons or equipment. All heroes are now similar to camo but can change the player's geometry as well.

Rarity:[edit | edit source]

  • Uncommon

Price[edit | edit source]

  • Default: Permanent: 70000 GP / 500 ZCoin

Alternate Skin Prices[edit | edit source]

  • Engineer Deacon: Permanent 200000 GP / 1000 ZCoin (Rare)
  • Full Exoframe Deacon: Permanent 300000 GP / 2000 ZCoin (Epic)

Original Statistics[edit | edit source]

These statistics are no longer relevant as all heroes now function identically to Camos. These stats only exist as a historical record.

Health 225 Armor 12%
Stamina 5.7s Run 8.16
HRV 70.0u Recharge 6.2u/s

Official Video[edit | edit source]


Blacklight Retribution - Deacon Hero Trailer

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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