Detonate is a game mode in Blacklight: Tango Down based on a neutral bomb usually located in the center of the map.

Overview Edit

Detonate is a game mode where there a neutral bomb sits in the center of the map. Grab the bomb before your enemy and plant it at their base. Defend the bomb until it detonates or risk your enemies defusing and planting it your base. Victory goes to the team who wins two rounds.

To plant a bomb in Detonate, stand near the target and follow the onscreen prompt to activate the mini-game. This mini-game’s objective is simply to align all the triangles to the center. To do this on the Xbox or PS3, use left and right on the directional pad or the left and right face buttons if playing on a pad for the Xbox or PS3. On the PC, to align the triangles use the left and right mouse buttons. Doing so will move the currently selected triangle to either the left of the right. Once you have moved a triangle to the center you will be prompted to do the same for the following triangle until all have been centered. Once all the triangles are properly aligned the bomb will be planted.

Defuse the bomb through the same method used to plant one