This article is about the Digi Grenade in Blacklight: Tango Down. For the Digi Grenade in Blacklight: Retribution, see Digi Grenade Mk.1.

Unlocked at level 1, the Digi Grenade is a Secondary Equipement, like the EMP Grenade It is affecting the HUD, preventing anyone from seeing through a smokescreen made of pixels. The Digi grenade (AKA Pixel of Smoke), also affects the HRV, but only if the effect can be seen in normal mode. A Digi Grenade doesn't affect the HRV if it cannot be seen. The digi-grenade's effect can go through walls. The effect appears X seconds after it was activated, and lasts for X seconds. The Digi Grenade also deals a very small amount of damage when exploding.