Domination is a Game Mode that is available in both Blacklight games.

Domination in Blacklight: RetributionEdit

Dom Node 2

In Blacklight: Retribution, the Domination mode features three nodes on a map that players can capture for their team. To capture a node, players must walk up to the node and perform a Hack. Successfully hacking a node will immediately transfer control to your team. Nodes can also be captured by standing near them, but this takes longer. Controlled nodes will generate 1 point per second for your team, unless an enemy is standing next to them (e.g. hacking it).

All nodes and their current ownership for either team are visible throughout the map, so that players can react immediately when a node owned by their team is under attack.

Combat PointsEdit

Certain events specific to the Domination mode will grant additional combat points.

Event CP awarded Description
Hacked Node 200 Capture a node by successfully hacking it.
Captured Node 250 Capture a node by standing near it.
Node Capture Assist 150 Stand near a node while a teammate captures it.
Attacked node 100 Kill an enemy agent standing near a hostile-controlled node.
Defended node 100 Kill an enemy agent while standing near a friendly-controlled node.
Hold point 10 Given for every 10 points earned by your team's controlled nodes. No message or other notification in-game.

Domination in Blacklight: Tango DownEdit

Domination is one of the Modes available in Blacklight: Tango Down.


A screenshot of the Domination mode.

In Domination there are a number of designated control points that teams fight for control over. There are two ways to capture control points – standing within the radius until the control point has been successfully taken over or hacking them (See Q.19). A successfully hacked control point causes it to immediately switch teams. Once hacked, a control point cannot be taken over for a set period of time. Teams earn points over time for each control point they possess. The winning team is the first team to reach a set number of points in the match.

There are two ways to take over a control point in Domination - either stand in the vicinity of the control point and wait for the takeover animation to complete or hack the station. Keep in mind that if you are taking over a control point via the first method, increasing the number of players in the vicinity of the control point increases the speed it is taken over.

Hacking requires the player to successfully complete a mini-game to accomplish the hack. To hack a control point, walk up to it and hit the button sequence as prompted on-screen. Repeat the pattern as it is shown using either the directional pad or the face buttons on a control pad. On the PC, users will have to repeat the pattern by clicking on each the four quadrants with the mouse.

A control point cannot be captured if it is in a contested state - which is when two or more players on opposite teams are near it and/or fighting over it.

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