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The FT18 Flamethrower is a Depot weapon that is purchasable in-game in Blacklight: Retribution.


[[File:|thumb|300px|FT18 Flamethrower]] The FT18 Flamethrower comes unlocked by default to new characters and is purchased at a Depot for 350 CP.

It deals heavy damage, sets targets ablaze for a few seconds with a damage over time effect, and can hit multiple enemies simultaneously.

The FT18 Flamethrower can also be used on hardsuits or the Scorpion Tank to kill the pilot inside via heating up the cockpit. A hardsuit that is still glowing red after the original pilot is killed is not safe for entry.

In-Game Description

Depot weapon. Unleashes a stream of flame upon your enemies. Effective against Hardsuits.


  • None, this is a default weapon.