GP short for Game Points, one of the three currencies in Blacklight: Retribution, besides CP (Combat Points) and ZCoin. Originally, the GP price for an item became available when the player reached its unlock level.

Overview[edit | edit source]

GP is earned by participating in matches, defeating enemies, and using up GP tokens for a one-time boost. Every 5 seconds spent in a match will award approximately 1 GP. Every enemy kill is worth 2 GP, up to a maximum of 30 GP per match.

Winning a team match will grant a bonus of 20 GP. For Deathmatch, 15 GP is awarded for first place and 10 GP for second place

Onslaught tokens can also given GP tokens. 5 silver tokens are worth a 100 GP token, and 3 gold tokens are worth a 500 GP token.

Before the Parity Patch Chance packs also had a chance of giving a GP token.

The Duplicator[edit | edit source]

If a player owns the GP Duplicator then at the end of the match the total GP the player would have earned, is doubled then awarded to the player.

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