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Gear is a type of equipment in Blacklight: Retribution that encompasses all items that go into an Agent's Gear Slots.

An agent can have up to 4 Gear Items equipped at a time depending on the armor that is worn. There is a separate type of Gear worn on the back called Tactical Gear, which is limited to 1 slot.


BLR Frag Grenade2

Frag Grenade

Lethal Grenades (100+ Damage) Edit

Tactical Grenades (0-99 Damage) Edit

Mines & Proximity-Based EquipmentEdit



Protection GearEdit

Protection Gear was introduced with patch 0.991. With the release of the Parity Patch it is now possible to perm Protection Gear.

Frag Grenade Explosion Mods Edit

All Frag Grenades Explosion Mods have identical stats as the Frag Grenade Mk.1.

Holiday Gear Edit

Valentine's Day Edit

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