Ghost - J. Haussen is a Stealth Sniper Hero in Blacklight: Retribution that was released with patch 1.100.

Hero Overview Edit

Ghost - J. Haussen was originally classified as a stealth sniper hero and used a customized Anti-Materiel Rifle and Machine Pistol.

Post Parity Patch Edit

Ghost no longer comes with any weapons or equipment. All heroes are now similar to camo but can change the player's geometry as well.

Rarity Edit

  • Uncommon

Price Edit

  • Default: Permanent 70000 GP / 500 ZCoin

Alternate Camo Prices Edit

  • Survival Suit Ghost: Permanent 300000 GP / 2000 ZCoin (Epic)

Original Statistics Edit

These statistics are no longer relevant as all heroes now function identically to Camos. These stats only exist as a historical record.

Health 205 Armor 3%
Stamina 6.7s Run 8.36
HRV 91.0u Recharge 9.2u/s


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