Grendel - K. Moreau is the first Hero character released in Blacklight: Retribution.

Hero Overview[edit | edit source]

Grendel - K. Moreauis a heavy infantry build with a specialization on heavy weapons and explosives. He has a large amount of Health, though he runs slower. However, his custom weapons both have magazines that decrease reload time. Currently, he features 3 different skins.

Participants in the Open Beta were able to use Grendel for a free 3 day trial period in early March of 2012. He originally had an Ammunition Pod Mk.1 as Tactical Gear, but this was changed to a Barricade with patch 0.992.

Post Parity Patch[edit | edit source]

Gendel no longer comes with any weapons or equipment. All heroes are now similar to camo but can change the player's geometry as well.

Rarity:[edit | edit source]

  • Uncommon

Price[edit | edit source]

  • Default: Permanent 70000 GP / 500 ZCoin

Alternate Skin Prices[edit | edit source]

  • Mercenary Grendel: Permanent: 300000 GP / 2000 ZCoin (Epic)
  • Platoon Grendel: Permanent: 200000 GP / 1000 ZCoin (Rare)
  • Glacial Grendel: Permanent: 200000 GP / 1000 ZCoin (Rare)

Original Statistics[edit | edit source]

These statistics are no longer relevant as all heroes now function identically to Camos. These stats only exist as a historical record.

Health 250 Armor 12%
Stamina 4.3s Run 7.15
HRV 62.5u Recharge 6.6u/s

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Before patch 0.992 Grendel - K. Moreau used the Ammunition Pod Mk.1 instead of the Barricade Mk.1.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Official Trailer[edit | edit source]


Blacklight Retribution - Hero Character Grendel

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