The Gunman Hardsuit is a purchasable Depot item in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

The Gunman Hardsuit is a Depot item and can be purchased and deployed for 975 CP from the Depot.

The Gunman Hardsuit comes equipped with an Autocannon on the right arm and a Digi Grenade Dropper on the left arm. The Autocannon fires in three-round bursts and comes with 440 rounds. The three-round burst will quick kill any agent in two to three hits.

The Digi Grenade Dropper comes with 12 Digi Grenades and needs to reload after every use. When a Digi Grenade is fired, the hardsuit drops the grenade behind it's self allowing for a quick retreat or blocking visibility of an area.

Hardsuit Comparison Edit

This Hardsuit has 9001 HP where-as the Rhino Hardsuit comes with 15000 HP. Because the Gunman Hardsuit only has 9001 HP, two direct hits from the RL5 Armor Stinger or nine to 10 hits from the RG057 Ghost will destroy it.

While both hardsuits comes with a boost function, the Gunman Hardsuit's boost enables it to "run" to move around the map very quickly.

Price Edit

In-game Description Edit

Depot Weapon. Used to call in a Light-Class Hardsuit.

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