BLR Hack

Hacking a door panel

The Hack or Hacking is a mini-game in Blacklight: Retribution that occurs in several situations: When taking a Node in Domination, opening or closing a door on any map, or when lowering a barrier in Siege. It is initiated by pressing E in the standard keybindings when you approach Node or door panel.


The objective is to match pairs of numbers, the number in the middle of the screen must be matched with one of the outer numbers. This is done with the directional keys, usually W and D for left and right. The normal setting requires you to mach 4 pairs without failing. This must be achieved within a limited time, represented by the circle in the User Interface, on the screensot roughly 1/3 of the time has elapsed for the current Hack. Selecting the wrong number or exceeding the time will abort the attempt. In the UI, you can see the next upcoming outer numbers below the current ones (23 and 84 in the screenshot). In the screenshot, the green underlay of 64 indicates a succesful match on the precious pair, a fail would be colored red. When using a Firewall Breach Kit, the number of pairs is reduced to 2 and you are allowed to fail once. When hacking a Node and all pairs have been matched, there is still a delay of approximately 1 second until the takeover is complete. If you just hacked a Node and get killed by an enemy instantly after matching the 4th pair, the Node may stay with the enemy team.

Tactical AdviceEdit

While performing the Hack, you have to lower your weapon and cannot defend yourself. However, it is possible to turn around or duck while doing it. So you may still be aware of approaching opponents. To interupt the Hack, you can press the Escape key, or move away, though the latter is the slower method of raising one's weapon. It should be noted that it is possible to hack while using a Cloak, so this is a popular option to encounter the tactical disadvantages while doing a Hack. A Firewall Breach Kit may be used to shorten the process by reducing the required pairs to 2, and by extending the 'Firewall' that prevents hostile agents from re-hacking the object to for a certain time.


  • Domination: 200 CP for a successful Hack, 150 CP for nearby allies who assist in keeping you safe.
  • Doors: 20 CP for opening or closing
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