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The Hardsuit HRV Ping is a Tactical Gear available in Blacklight: Retribution.


This Tactical Gear enables an Agent to use HRV while inside a Hardsuit or Scorpion Tank. This ability can only be used while piloting a Hardsuit or Scorpion Tank.

When used by pressing the Tactical Gear key (default is 'c') an HRV field will be generated and both friendly and enemy players will appear as if the player had used normal HRV.

While the Hardsuit HRV Ping is useful for determining the location of enemy players and preventing enemy players from flanking. Teammates near your hardsuit can provide the same functionality and can protect you from close range attacks.

If unsure about whether to use the Hardsuit HRV Ping or the Hardsuit Battle Mode, the Hardsuit Battle Mode will arguably be more useful as it protects from burn out and reduces incoming damage by 50%. When piloting the more mobile Gunman Hardsuit, the Hardsuit HRV Ping can help locate fleeing enemy players. While in the Rhino Hardsuit, the Hardsuit Battle Mode can protect against players who attack with the FT18 Flamethrower, especially after the Rhino Hardsuit has used its dash.

In-game Description

"Tactical gear. Use while inside a Hardsuit to generate a temporary HRV ping to locate your enemies."

Pre-Parity In-game Description

Used while piloting a Hardsuit. Allows your hardsuit to ping the enviroment to locate enemies.


  • Uncommon