Health refers to the level of hitpoints (HP) a player has. Once an individual's HP is depleted, they will die.

Overview Edit

Health may be modified either positively or negatively through the application of different types of armor. By default, the player's health sits at 200, with the standard helmet, upper body and lower body armor equipped. Once a player is shot, if they remain out of combat for a few seconds, health will slowly regenerate up to a certain point. To heal more, further action must be taken.

During a match, players may replenish their health through a number of different means:

Health Refill Edit

During a match, players may locate a Depot and select the Health Refill. This costs 100CP and will fill health up to a maximum of 200HP at a time. By default, this Depot Item is set as number 1.

Heal Injector Mk.I Edit

A popular and highly useful item of Tactical Gear, the heal Injector allows users to heal them self and others during a match.

Revival Injector Mk.I Edit

The Revival Injector allows users to revive others who have died. This is only able to be used on players who have already died, and only under most circumstances.

Maximum HP build Edit

It is possible for health to be boosted up to a maximum of 250 using a heavy build including:

Whilst increasing health significantly, this build also decreases speed largely, however provides a large number of gear slots.

Tactics Edit

This build can be very easy to hit, due to its size and lack of speed. Due to this, close encounters with much faster enemies is not advised.

Just as it is large, heavy builds are just as loud, meaning stealth is a difficult option to attempt. Partnered with a high damage gun, this max HP build can be a force to be reckoned with. Just be sure to keep an eye on your 6 to avoid any unexpected take-downs from behind.

Minimum HP build Edit

Alternatively, the minimum possible base health achievable is 150 using a light build including:

Whilst dropping health significantly, this build also increases speed largely, making it an effective speed build, at the price of 0 gear slots.

Tactics Edit

Due to the speed of this build, partnered with a cloaking device, it can work as an effective stealth melee build. Proper utilization of its high speed level will allow experienced users to traverse the map swiftly, and dodge shots easily.

As health is very low, frequent use of health replenishing tools is likely, meaning the inclusion of the Heal Injector Mk.1 tactical gear is highly advised in order to maintain a steady HP level.

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