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The Heavy Assault Rifle (HAR) is a Primary Receiver available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Weapon Overview

Note: Some of this information may be slightly inaccurate until this page is re-written for Patch v3.01 changes.

When the fire-power of the Assault Rifle is not enough, the Heavy Assault Rifle is the first choice for extended range combat. This weapon retains the close-quarter capabilities of the Assault Rifle and a similar appearance but it behaves like a higher-caliber rifle due to it's higher base damage and lower rate of fire.

This weapon functions as a cross between the Assault Rifle and the Light Machine Gun. Originally, the Heavy Assault Rifle was first introduced with the HAR Chance pack along with two premades, the ArmCom DDx2 'Hades' and the ArmCom AK-14 'Punisher'. This receiver was added after the game was released.


The Heavy Assault Rifle excels at all ranges, especially when equipped with a high or medium zoom scope such as the Silverwood Combo Scope. Using +damage parts to get to 71 damage will reduce your Time To Kill (TTK) to three shots or even two shots should you get a headshot when facing players with the default armor (200 health).

Avoiding close range fights is advised but unnecessary as the Heavy Assault Rifle's moderate spread while moving is negligible in close ranges. Equipping a Shotgun, Shotgun AR-k or Machine Pistol will allow you to tackle close-quarters confrontations without wasting your primary ammunition.

Additionally, remember to always use your HRV to avoid unfavorable encounters and gain the upper hand when locating enemy players.



Premade Variants

These premade versions of the Heavy Assault Rifle were purchasable as stand-alone weapons in the Marketplace on the PC before the Parity Patch was released.