HeloDeck with ocean in the background

HeloDeck is a map in Blacklight: Retribution that partly resembles the Training map, but plays on a carrier or battleship (the ocean can be seen in the final screen and through one gate). It is so far the only map in Blacklight: Retribution that does not have an underground section. HeloDeck mostly consists of short to medium range crossfires. The map has some larger areas, as well as some smaller areas. Many of the larger areas are cluttered with boxes, vehicles, and other obstacles. Moving around the map often involves going into tighter areas, where close range weapons dominate. Although HeloDeck does not have an underground section, it has a medium sized section that can be accessed by climbing up one of the two staircases leading up to the top. Here, the rooms are very small with many small barriers to hide behind. Its a good spot for shooting from above, or sniping if one wishes to attempt it. Also, players can block the entrances to the top area by using riot shields, allowing both sides to only shoot through the thin gaps that riot shields cannot block.

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