Kill Confirmed (KC) is a game mode that is only available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit


Kill Data in Kill Confirmed game mode

Kill Confirmed is similar to TDM, but kills only count towards the game objective if you "confirm" the kill. You can confirm the kill by being the first to walk over the body of the person whom you killed and collect their "kill data": a symbol in the team color. You can also "confirm" any kills made by your teammates and "deny" any kills made by the enemy team. At the end of the round, the team that has confirmed the most kills wins the match.

Sniping from afar wont be as effective a strategy in Kill Confirmed as in other game modes. This is because you have to walk over the bodies of enemies to collect the Kill Data. It can work however if you have a team who is close to enemies and is actively walking over their bodies. When this happens, you will get the normal amount of points, and the person who confirmed the kill will get a kill confirm assist.

Combat PointsEdit

Certain events specific to the Kill Confirmed mode will grant additional combat points.

Event CP awarded Description
Eliminated 75 Kill a hostile agent. Kills give fewer CP in this game mode.
Kill Confirmed 50 Kill an enemy agent and pick up the token yourself.
Kill Confirmed 25 Kill an enemy agent and have a teammate pick up the token.
Kill Confirmed Assist 15 Pick up the token from a teammate's kill.
Kill Denied 50 Pick up a friendly token.
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