King of the Hill (KOTH) is a Game Mode that is available in both Blacklight games.

KOTH in Blacklight: RetributionEdit

BL Node

Node in KOTH

In Blacklight: Retribution, King of the Hill mode features a single Node that will spawn at random locations throughout the map. Agents are able to capture this Node for your team by standing near it while it is uncontested (no enemy players nearby). Agents near the node will be awarded 10 CP for each point gained for your team. When one team has managed to accumulate 17 points, the Node will be captured and will respawn at a different location on the map.

Combat PointsEdit

Certain events specific to the King of the Hill mode will grant additional combat points.

Event CP awarded Description
Hold Point 10 Given every second (approximate?) while standing near an active node.
Node Captured 300 Awarded upon capturing a node while standing next to it.
Node Capture Assist 150 Awarded when teammates capture a node that you stood near at least once, but are not at currently.
Attack Point 50 Bonus when killing hostile agents standing near a node that they are capturing.
Defended Point 50 Bonus when killing hostile agents while you are capturing a node.


This game mode used to be called 'TKOTH' (Team King of the Hill) during the Beta phase.

Unlike most games that feature a King of the Hill mode, you do not lose the work you have already done on a certain capture while the other team controls the point. This allows you to have a better chance of retaking the point because you retain points gained on that particular Node.

KOTH in Blacklight: Tango DownEdit

"Secure and update blue net-war mission nodes." -Announcer A game mode where nodes randomly appear on the map, and you and your team must capture them by standing close by while holding off the enemy. First team to capture 5 nodes, or the team with the most captured nodes at the end of the time limit, wins the game.

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