The Krane Holo Sight is an open scope in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit



This scope has a 1.8x zoom and a yellow dot to guide the player's shots. Best used on guns like the SMGs due to its low zoom and large field of vision, meaning that it performs better at close range.

Pre-Parity Patch this scope was known as Krane EX9 Holo.

Rarity: Edit

  • Uncommon

In Game Description Edit

Open scope. Holigraphic sight with 1.8x zoom

Price Edit

Statistics Edit

  • Zoom: 1.80x
  • Scope-In Time: 0.22s

Trivia Edit

Though this is not reflected in gameplay, there is a backup rear iron sight integrated into the the holographic sight's base. This rear sight likely pairs with the similarly low profile front sight on the Silverwood SW-09 and in the real world would serve as a safeguard against an electronics failure.

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