The following Ammunition is available for the Light Machine Gun in Blacklight: Retribution.

Name Note Statistics Permanent Price
ArmCom H15-BELT Default None free
ArmCom H35-QUICK Quick Reloading Reload: -3.34
Run: -0.10
3920 GP / 75 ZCoin
Foiche XPL1-BELT Explosive Special Ammunition N/A
Foiche ELEC1-BELT Electro Special Ammunition N/A
Foiche TOX1-BELT Toxic Special Ammunition N/A
Foiche INCD1-BELT Incendiary Special Ammunition N/A
Foiche MAG1-BELT Magnum Special Ammunition N/A

ArmCom H15-BELT Edit


ArmCom H15-BELT

This magazine is the default ammunition for the Light Machine Gun. It is permanently included when you purchase this receiver. There is also no specific Stat bonus associated with this item.

Stats Edit

  • None

Price Edit

  • Permanent: Free

In-game Description Edit

Standard-issue magazines provide no stat modifications.

ArmCom H35-QUICK Edit


ArmCom H35-QUICK

When equipped, this magazine will reduce the Light Machine Gun's Reload time to 3.33 seconds, which is a half the time compared to the ArmCom H15-BELT.

Stats Edit

  • Reload: -3.34
  • Run: -0.10

Price Edit

In-game Description Edit

Quick magazines greatly increase reload speed.

Special Ammunition Edit

Before the Parity Patch Special (Elemental) Ammunition was purchasable and used in place of a regular magazine. Now Special Ammunition has its own slot when customizing weapons and any magazine can be used with Special Ammunition. See Special Ammunition for more details.

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