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The Light Pistol is a Secondary Weapon Receiver available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Weapon Overview

Available by default on the creation of a new character, the Light Pistol is the default Secondary Weapon.

Accurate out to middle range, the Light Pistol is semi-automatic, has low recoil and a 12 round magazine by default. Quick on the draw and with a fast reload, it is an able sidearm whenever a player is caught in the middle of a reload, or is carrying an unwieldy weapon in close quarters, such as the Bolt-Action Rifle. The Light Pistol itself can be customized with various Muzzles, Barrel, Magazine, Scopes, and Weapon Camouflages. Once you've attached a Barrel to it, it will also become possible to use a Stock on it.


Unlike the Revolver or the Heavy Pistol, the Light Pistol lacks stopping power. It may be prudent to simply pull the trigger as many times as possible in hopes of landing enough hits to take down an incoming hostile.

If carrying a long range weapon such as a Bolt-Action Rifle or Combat Rifle, remember to switch to the Light Pistol or other secondary weapon when approaching enemy Nodes or entering tight spaces in order to counter the ineffectiveness of your respective primary weapon in close quarters combat. The Light Pistol is a fine finisher for injured opponents.

Additionally, use HRV liberally; knowing where the nearest hostile is at all times will give you enough time to draw your pistol to defend yourself.

Nimble and lethal at short ranges, with the power to reach out and touch enemies further away, the Light Pistol can be an effective contingency plan if used properly.


The Light Pistol has 5 different magazines available.

Premade Variants

These premade versions of the Light Pistol were purchasable as stand-alone weapons in the Marketplace before the Parity Patch on PC.



  • The Light Pistol's design and handling characteristics draw heavily from the real-life, German-made Walther P99 pistol .