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The Light Recon Rifle is a Primary Receiver available in Blacklight: Retribution.


The Light Recon Rifle was released on the PC version of Blacklight: Retribution with the Parity Patch at the end of July and the beginning of August 2015.


The Light Recon Rifle is a cross between the Combat Rifle and the Submachine Gun. With a firerate of 600 RPM it is almost as fast as the Assault Rifle at 650 RPM and with a speed of 8.10 the Light Recon Rifle increases the player's speed more than an SMG's 7.92.

With a high base damage of 76 the weapon can be brought up to a max of 83 with +damage weapon parts. This high damage and increased mobility allows a player to quickly cross long distances and eliminate enemy players with rapid hip-fire shots.

This weapon does have a small Hip Spread at 2.58° and Move Spread of 3.42°, which is smaller than the Assault Rifle's Move Spread of 4.15°. Because of these small Spreads this weapon excels with a run-and-gun play style while rarely aiming down the sights. It is recommended to try at one's utmost ability to engage from an opponent's flanks, especially if the target is heavily armored. Yet while it reaches its maximum potential when used in such a way, it is a severely lacking weapon. It is much harder to use than almost any other weapon due to its default 4-shot-kill policy combined with low ADS accuracy and recoil higher than the stats imply.


Unfortunately, this weapon has multiple downsides that can leave a player feeling frustrated and questioning the developers' design decisions.

  • The Light Recon Rifle has a high base Spread - Aim at 1.03° and this number can rise rapidly when changing weapon attachments. Landing long range shots can become very difficult at the very least.
  • The weapon's range is very short at 45/80.
  • With a magazine of 12/48 ammunition is often quickly spent each engagement. Purchasing the Quick Reload Magazine will help to alleviate this problem (An Extended Magazine is not available for this receiver).


The Light Recon Rifle has 4 different magazines available.