Loadouts are saved sets of Primary Receivers, Secondary Receivers, Gear, Tactical Gear, and Armor that can be used in-game in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

A Loadout or Loadout Slot, is saved set of weapons, gear, and armor that a player uses during a Blacklight: Retribution match. All players start the game with three loadouts that contain the default Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, and Bolt-Action Rifle.

Players can create up to 50 loadouts inside the Loadout Manager and each loadout will save the players choices for the following items:

Loadout Manager Edit

Loadout Manager

Loadout Manager

The Loadout Manager was released with the September 2016 Patch and features the following:

  • Set PvP Default – Make this loadout the default for PvP modes
  • Set PvE Default – Make this loadout the default for PvE modes
  • Rename – Rename your loadout
  • Clone – Make a new copy of an existing loadout
  • Share – Share your loadout with other players through a code
  • Delete – Delete the loadout
  • Create New – Create a brand new loadout

Sharing a Loadout Edit

Shared Loadouts

Shared Loadouts

Players can use the Loadout Manager to share their loadouts by generating a code that can be used by anyone in the same region (NA, EU, PS4). Attempting to use a code from a different region will result in Blacklight: Retribution generating an error message.

On the Shared Tab: players can see which loadouts are shared, the loadout share code, and how times how players can used the loadout share code.

Testing Loadouts Edit

Trying Loadouts

Loadout Testing

Players can also test any shared loadout even if they don't all of items with the loadout. To test any loadout, players must to enter the loadout share code and then choose “Play with Loadout” in the menu. This will launch a practice match with that loadout. Once inside the practice match players can test all aspects of a shared loadout.

NOTE: You cannot play in online matches with items in a loadout you do not own. Attempts to do so will result in those item slots reverting to their default.

Importing Edit

Import Loadout

Loadout Import Dialoge Box

To import a loadout, choose Import at the bottom of the Loadout Manager and a dialog box will show up that has a field to type in.

Enter in the code and the new loadout will be added to your Loadouts section.

Pinned Items Edit

Pinning Items

Pinning Items

If players are unsure about purchasing or rent an items, they can "pin" it to a loadout.

Once an item or items have been pinned, open the Try Loadout menu in the top left hand corner of your loadout. From there players can Launch Training or Launch Practice to test out the item(s).

Bulk Purchase Edit

Bulk Purchase Loadout Items

Bulk Purchase Dialog Box

Players also have the option to Bulk Purchase items if they decide that you want to buy all of their Pinned items. When choosing Bulk Purchase the cost of all pinned will be added together and the player will be presented with a window displaying the total price.

When purchasing with Bulk Purchase, all items will receive a 25% discount.

Additionally, should players attempt to start a match with pin (unpurchased) items a warning message will display with the following information:

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