The MK1 Assault Bot is a Depot item that is purchasable in-game in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

The MK1 Assault Bot is a Depot item that is purchased in-game for 500 CP.

When called in the MK1 Assault Bot will deploy an artificial intelligence robot like the ones seen in Practice mode. Once deployed the MK1 Assault Bot will seek out and engage enemy players automatically.

Similar to the Hardsuit, you will first be given a designator gun to call it in via air drop. Therefore, you need a clear path to the sky to call in the MK1 Assault Bot.

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In-game Description Edit

To be added soon.

Trivia Edit

  • The MK1 Assault Bot shares the same appearance as the MARS - ARK M.A.R.S.'s default skin, with the exception of a different helmet.
  • The designator gun will not show a countdown bar unlike the Hardsuit designator.
  • Unlike most Depot items, the MK1 Assault Bot has infinite ammo and will never reload its weapon.


  • Once deployed the MK1 Assault Bot will have half of its health according to its health bar. However, repairing will not visually increase the bar and as such, can be repaired indefinitely even whilst at full health.
    • Dying and respawning will show the MK1 Assault Bot at its current health at the point of respawn, however the health bar will still not move.
    • This can be exploited within OnSlaught as the user will still gain points, and as the Repair Tool's CP gain is not lowered, can easily gain 2000 CP within 2 minutes.
    • Note: These bugs need confirmation that they still exist in-game.

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