The Machine Pistol is a Secondary Weapon Receiver in Blacklight: Retribution.

Weapon Overview

The Machine Pistol is unlocked for GP at level 33 or can be unlocked at level with ZEN.

The Machine Pistol is a low-powered, fully automatic secondary weapon. It has an extremely fast fire rate, having the highest of any weapon in game so far, but suffers poor accuracy and has a high spread and recoil penalty. As its damage is on par with the Sub-Machine Gun, the Machine Pistol can be treated as similar to a second primary weapon, and is a good secondary for Agents using a longer ranged primary. It also has the highest ammunition count of all secondary weapons, rivaling the Primaries with a maximum ammunition count of 30/120 with the extended magazines.


A nimble side arm for the nimble agent, with 850 RPM, it far exceeds the firerate of any Primary Weapon Receiver. If not careful, trigger-happy agents may find their magazines all but empty within moments. It deals moderate damage with heightened spread but negligible at close ranges. Approaching from behind will yield a swift kill as your target will have little time, if any, to react. Sacrificing accuracy for speed, it is useful for quick takedowns and even quicker getaways.

With its superior firerate, agents with this weapon may find themseleves at an advantage when confronting hostiles armed with other secondaries. Advance with confidence while firing this pistol and you are all the more closer to your kill.This weapon also is commonly used when having equipped a long range weapon such as a Bolt-Action Rifle especially when being clotted up to short range distances. Just remember to have a fresh cartridge and aim for the head.


  • 1 Day: 300 GP / 35 ZEN
  • Permanent: 7000 GP / 300 ZEN


Premade Variants


  • This gun best represents the MP7 machine pistol.

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