NetWar is a game mode that is only available in Blacklight: Retribution. This game mode was originally released with the "5/16/2012 - NetWar" update.

Overview Edit

Note: With the release of the Parity Patch, NetWar has been removed from the game. The Developers plan to re-introduce it at a later date.

NetWar is a game mode in Blacklight: Retribution that combines elements of King of the Hill and Capture the Flag. This game mode is currently only available on two maps, Offshore and Containment.  Both of these maps are very large and are able to support this game mode.


In NetWar there are four neutral nodes in the four corners of the map and a natural flag is placed in the center. This game mode is based on the amount of points a team acquires. Nodes throughout the map cannot be hacked, but can be captured when team mates are standing near by. This captures at the same rate as in the KOTH mode. To capture a flag, you must return the flag to your team's fully captured node, semi-captured nodes will not allow capture until ownership is fully regained.

When the flag is dropped, the enemy team cannot pick up the flag for 10 seconds. The flag can only be returned to its original spawn point if left dropped for 30 seconds or if captured.

Each flag capture grants your team +100 points.

Each captured node gives your team +1 point per second and 5 CP to yourself. Also standing near or holding a node will give the player a small but constant amount of CP.

Official Trailer Edit

Blacklight Retribution Netwar and Offshore Trailer HD

Blacklight Retribution Netwar and Offshore Trailer HD

from the Machinima youtube channel

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