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Offshore was a map set on an oil rig in the middle of an ocean. It was at the beginning exclusive to the mode NetWar, then the developers allowed other game modes to be hosted on this map.

The design is symmetrical with four main "rooms" on each corner of the map and a middle housing featuring many levels of walkways. The outside also have variety of elevation and many entry points, allowing for many tactical decisions. This map was release with the 5/16/2012 - NetWar update.


In NetWar, there are 4 capture points on each corner of the map. There is a single flag at the center of the map, housed in a multi-layered complex of catwalks. Alpha and Bravo initial spawn areas are in restrooms, which conveniently lead directly to the nearest capture point. It is recommended that teams capture the first point as soon as possible, so that another player may head for the flag and return it with ease. The map contains many tight corners and large, open areas around the outskirts of the map. Therefore, all weapons are suited for this map.

Parity Patch

With the release of the Parity Patch, Offshore has been removed from the game. There has been no word on re-introducing the map.



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