The Parity Patch was a large patch released for Blacklight: Retribution on August 18, 2015.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This Patch aimed to update the PC version of Blacklight: Retribution to the current version of the PS4 Blacklight: Retribution. See below for all the patch notes.

Warning: Massive Wall of Text Below[edit | edit source]

The following information has been taken from

For additional Parity Patch information please see

Blacklight post parity patch [18 August 2015][edit | edit source]


[BLR-980] – Create Onslaught Token MIssions

[BLR-970] – Titles need a pass on “rarity”

[BLR-962] – Missing daylight camo and Daylight Weapon Tag

[BLR-963] – 30 Day of Fight Award

[BLR-964] – FoxCat Helmet

[BLR-965] – Zombie Girls Weapon Tag – Missing


[BLR-966] – Troll Taunt – MIssing

[BLR-1036] – PC Client isn’t getting web localization even though it seems to be properly set up.

[BLR-905] – BSD – Nor’Easter Ice Pick Axe trail is bugged

[BLR-911] – ArmCom Assault Barrel too high

[BLR-912] – Mission didn’t disappear after completion

[BLR-918] – BSD – Clickable Menus in Settings that Hide

[BLR-919] – BSD – Play Game menu potential error

[BLR-923] – BSD – EMP while the HUD is disabled results in semi-permanent blindness

[BLR-950] – BSD – Have hit ENTER multiple times to get into the game

[BLR-959] – Rig is still called Work in Progress RIG

[BLR-968] – Web Localization isn’t being loaded by the PC client

[BLR-971] – update titles for Drought Survivors to indicate how it is earned

[BLR-973] – running client from steam produces this error but still launches

[BLR-975] – Unique Rarity Label has no color associated with it.

[BLR-979] – double clicking on server browser list has funky results and is confusing to players.

[BLR-982] – Current Playlist Templates for EU and US run 16 player DMs

[BLR-984] – Having 700+ Friends will cause the friends list to hang for ~3 minutes before it fully loads

[BLR-987] – PC is not loading localization over rides correctly

[BLR-989] – Players have the Beta Emblem when they should not

[BLR-992] – Players received the wrong unlockid for the drought emblem itemid =  644159 should be 64159

[BLR-995] – rename UNIQUE to be UNOBTAINABLE

[BLR-1004] – BSD – Can’t disable Spawn Screen Effect, players are annoyed.


[BLR-961] – Missing Items from Players to Follow Up on

[BLR-988] – settings menu overlaps quick match dialog

[edit | edit source]

UI[edit | edit source]

– hookup new title icons

– add content for new boost and title icons

– Fixing the Billing and other links for PWE. Now when you click Buy ZCoin, it should not open the Russian zcoin page.

– Fixed bad support and forum links for Russian.

– fixing click issue with zcoin banners

– Fix zcoin banner

– Fix logout callback

– Don’t tick presence unless logged in

– Fixed – EMP while the HUD is disabled results in semi-permanent blindness

– [BLR-923] as reported by Aita

– Fixed – Clickable Menus in Settings that Hide

– [BLR-918] as reported by Shockwave

– Updated description text of The Burning Sensation title to be “In remembrance of ‘The Burning Sensation’ SMG Premade created by ZeroArmada”

– Show item unlock ids in tooltips in development

– possible fix for the black modal BG for dialog boxes not showing sometimes

– fix playlist search box arg for engineering

– New Spoon icon

– on playlist checkbox rollover focus playlist entry

– new mutator icons!

– cp reset, disable join in progress, force ready up. Switched headshots related icons a bit.

– some changes for new marketplace loc

– fix double click server browser issue

– add unique color

– some fixes for mouse interaction with mutator list

– fox some menu overlap with the matchmaking widget

– missing zcoin markup for German

– some splash art tweaks

– re-added UI option to toggle spawn FX setting

– Fixing duplicated keys from rev #1 of foxmenuUI before Andy can blame me

Game[edit | edit source]

– Remove TOCs from CookerSync

– Adds rename step to so we can automatically rename combineTexture.cache to texture.cache instead of compressing.

– Possible crash fix for StartOnlineGameComplete delegate not cleaned up on leaving server.

– Integrated latest French localization from PWE.

– Submitting latest localization files from PWE (German)

– Fixing up Weapon Tags and Camo for Promotional Content: Re-added content consists of: KBMOD Weapon & Body Camo, KBMOD Weapon Tag, Extra Life Weapon & Body Camo, Extra Life Weapon Tag, FPSGuru Weapon & Body Camo, FPSGuru Weapon Tag, IGN Weapon & Body Camo, IGN Weapon Tag, MMO Bomb Weapon & Body Camo, MMOBomb Weapon Tag, Curse Gaming Weapon Tag, Destructoid Weapon Tag, Game Informer Weapon Tag,  GameSpot Weapon Tag, Machinima Weapon Tag, PCGamer Weapon Tag, Xplay Weapon Tag, BroTeam Pill Weapon Tag, Raptr Weapon Tag, PAX Prime Weapon Tag, GameSpy Weapon Tag, MMOHut Weapon Tag, Yeousch Weapon Tag

– Fixed global recoil on PC

– Quick BFR update – dropped spread a bit for more predictable pattern

– Fix BOOL not being UBOOL

– Checking in leftover inis

– Made Diamond Supporter Titles shorter.

– Fixes to Cookersync

– Integrating fixes for scaleform

– updating icon package to include MLG helmet icons

– Updated barrel 09 to lower front sight post

– M Fixing AR3 1st p muzzle flash so people can see their targets

– Disable ready-up for private matches by default

– Add 4 more mutators

– Remove stamina mutator

– Make time limit mutator default to 10m instead of 1m, new reange is 2m – 30m

– More recoil changes

– Read title file list

– syncing up Dev TSS with Live for QA

– Set our BaseURL after we get a valid server so TSS can download from ZCure

– Fill out title file read callbacks

– Re-enable missing BaseURL warning

– Merging Arc fix

– Add launch event system service call, not hooked up to anything yet

– Removed some log spam

– Moved weapon skins to their own DLC (too big for primary weapon DLC)

– Moved a costly function native

– Fix a profile bug

– Allow cmdline switch to force show the region selector.

– Also reset default game region to internal(102) instead of localhost(13).

– Cook FX_Bandana

– Fix some log spam

– Rebuilt CookerSync and friends so Orbis sync works again

– Add Sphere component to UE3

– Proximity mines now “fizzle” when shot instead of exploding

– Proximity mines now use spheres for collision instead of cylinders

– Fix missions appearing when they weren’t supposed to do to a hack thrown in to prevent text coloring from happening.  Moved to the appropriate location.

– Fixed – BLR-912 (Mission didn’t disappear after completion)

– Fix sphere pointcheck

– Fix orbis executable sync groups

– Work on Orbis regions / patching

– Hooked up fizzle fx from art team

– Fixed BLR-935 as reported by WorstPlayerEU: (Proximity Mine hitboxes are not representative of their placement)

– Fixed ice pick axe: moved the particle emitter to better align with the axe head. also removed the ribbon particle, because i couldn’t get it to look right. I replaced it with additional frost particles

– Fixed range on M4X

– changing text View Mutators to Edit Mutators

– adding Zcoins + to market prompt

– updating the BLR PC splash image

– Log spam cleanup

– Set the GC values to valid settings in defaultEngine rather than just Orbis

– Fixed Filtered Words

– Added new function to fill in blanks when they aren’t the master language (INT)

– updated socket location for KRANE scope

– Handling unhandled message for UpdateMission which was being sent from the ZCure server.

– Fix for Orbis build with the bad Function pointer.

– Moved several functions related to friends list reads native

– Vastly speeds up friends list parsing / sorting

– Tacticle Spoon, adjusted sugar / medicine ratio

– Friend updates are now run through the FriendInfoUpdated callback instead of the ReadFriendslist callback

– fixing BLR-941 (Changing titles not working), it was old bad logic

– Fix minor memory leak

– Change Steam append to use new URL

– Fix some log spam

– Fix a memory leak from UDN

– More useful error messages

– Fix parsing for failed to register

– added TheEye helmet icon

– added AnimeEyes helmet icon

– Helmet updates: Adding Overmatch Armet – Anime and RX5 Vision “The Eye”

– Fix for DEU and FRA localizations for character creation.

– THe AllowedCharacters array contained a lot of duplicate entries, and all duplicates are inserted as NULL for some reason.

– Removed all dupes and it works as intended.

– Killing duplicated unlock ID for 61140

– Fixing the 30 days of fight badge, it’s been mangled.

– Re-enabled the Troll taunt for exisitng PC users.  Need to update icon.

– Include Punk Buster files with the shipping builds.

– added troll taunt icon in content

– Bump game version

– Fixed Kael’s borked text for the Streamer Title.

– Resubmitting Arc bypass fix

– Added icon for Troll taunt in INI

– Reallow two parameters for HandleReduxAction so bKeepFiles is set correctly.

– updated scope default camo so it appears correct when using a receiver skin

– “The following packages (WPN_Sights) contain materials that were automatically updated due to parent Material or Material Function changes.  Please resave and submit to ensure fast load times.”

– Doing the above.

– Add Russia / Staging back into the region list

Maps[edit | edit source]

– Fixed map bugs in, Trench – sand piles blocked collision, and Heavy Metal – a wall was mistakenly lowered

– Fixed a bad collision bug in Convoy that prevented you from walking through a certain hallway without jumping BSD-204

– Removed uber shine from concrete in garage on Containment.

– Updated Ramp alongside stairs in RIG. It disappeared at Low and Medium World detail Settings, but collision remained.  Asset now is always visible.

– Fixed a missing collision on some wire spools and a broken collision on a ramp in Piledriver (BLR-845)

– fixed bot stuck spot in Seaport, cleaned navmesh in general (BLR-1012)

– Added “Block All” to a mesh in Vertigo because it was blocking only weapons, not grenades.

– Fixed bug as reported by Screamification:

Still Bugged (work in progress)[edit | edit source]

– Clans and friend support. Friend support will work shortly after patch release (being a server side fix). Clans will need additional work as we have issues that we know need to be fixed; but we didn’t want to delay the patch further.

Blacklight Retribution Parity Patch Notes [27 July 2015][edit | edit source]

Hello all! Thanks for your interest and continuing support of Blacklight Retribution – both on PC and PS4. 

The purpose of this document is to outline most, if not all, of the changes that the game has undergone since our last major patch on PS4. What you see described in detail below reflects changes to the game since that last major patch. Note that since then, on PS4, we did release a small patch that added some Rocket League (great game, check it out!) content and a small fix for the “HRV Glitch”.

Additionally, included below, is a quick summary of all the changes to the PC that PC users will be experiencing. In all honesty, there have been so many changes to Blacklight since the last PC patch that digging up and reviewing ALL of the changes would have been impossible, that we are only going to provide a quick summary, based mostly on the FAQ that we previously posted on our website (

So below you will find three sections to this document:[edit | edit source]

 Summary of changes to PC game based on our FAQ

 Export from our JIRA of fixed Bugs and completed Tasks since March 25, 2015

 Export from our source control of relevant changes to the game since March 25, 2015

In their totality, the above 3 things should give you a sense of how the game has evolved and how you may or may not be affected.

So with out further ado, here are the changes that you can review:

SECTION 1: Summary of changes to PC game based on our FAQ[edit | edit source]

For reference you can find the FAQ here:

***NOTE: All of your settings and loadouts will need to be reconfigured!!!***

Build Related:[edit | edit source]

– Reduced the size of the download of the client to around 4GB

– New Install size should be about 5.09 GB

– Old BLR Build with the folder “LIVE” under it can be deleted

– New launcher build and deployed for PC Users

– Logging in now happens in the launcher/patcher and no longer in the actual game client

– Game does not require the ARC client to be running. Can launch the patcher directly if you want.

Items and Inventory Related:[edit | edit source]

– Datanodes have been removed from the game

– Datanodes in a users inventory have been deleted

– Game no longer supports an inventory that players have to manage. Instead it behaves more like an unlock system

– Game no longer supports inactive items. Items are now always activated at time of purchase

– Items owned by users that were inactive, are, as of now, activated.

– If a user owned multiple timed durations of the same item, those items are now combined into a single item with a duration equal to the combined duration of those items. Some additional “bonus” time has been added as well to account for the upgrade process.

– If a user owned multiple instances of a permanant item, they will keep the first instance of that item. Additional instances are deleted.

– Mail system has been removed

– Items left in the mail system have been deleted

– Merchant Pass has been deleted. It is no longer relevant

– Any Inactive XP Tokens you own have been activated and applied to your account, up to the max level cap.

– Any Inactive GP tokens you own have been activated and applied to your account.

– Some unopened Bundles will be refunded to you in the coming days/weeks, if you had unopened/inactive versions of them. You can find the list of those bundles here:

* Tactical SMG Chance Pack

* Ghost GP Chance Pack

* Crusher GP Chance Pack

* Hero Chance Pack – M.A.R.S.

* Chance Pack – Hero Viper & Basic Skin

* Chance Pack – Hero Viper & Premium Skin

* Chance Pack – Hero Deacon & Premium Skin

* Chance Pack – Hero Grendel & Premium Skin

* Chance Pack – Hero MARS & Basic Skin

* Chance Pack – Hero MARS & Premium Skin

* Chance Pack – Hero Lilith & Premium Skin

* Chance Pack – Hero Ghost & Premium Skin

* High Explosives Pack

* Medic Pack

* Stealth Pack

* Engineer Pack

* Armor Pack

* Survival Pack

* Sniper Pack

* Starter Pack

* Evacuation Pack

* Emblems Corporate Logos 1

* Emblems Corporate Logos 2

* Emblems Secondary Weapon Pack

* Emblems Combat Letterset

* Emblems Urban Letterset

* Sniper Kit

* Assault Kit

* Taunt GP Chance Pack

* Hardsuit Camo GP Chance Pack

* Glacial Grendel GP Chance Pack

* Bundle – Onslaught Bronze Pack

* Bundle – Onslaught Silver Pack

* Bundle – Onslaught Gold Pack

* Bundle – Lover’s Bundle

* Grenade Pack

* Protection Emblem Pack

* Scrim Pack 2

* Platinum Pack

– New weapon attachment system – attachments are now purchased on a per reciever basis. If you buy a scope and want it on 3 guns, you will need to buy it 3 times.

– Existing players, who up until now had had global attachments, will get copies of those attachments for all weapons that they own. Thus their current user experience will not change, but if they buy a new gun in the future, they will need to get the corresponding attachments, if they so desire.

– Pricing for attachments shouls be updated to reflect the neeed to potentially purchase said attachment multiple times

– Premade/Preset weapons no longer exist

– If you owned a permanant version of a premade, you now have all those disparate parts permanantly instead. Those parts are applied to the relevant reciever that was the premade you owned.

– If you owned promotion premade then you own all the parts as per the above, plus a title commemorating that premade. For example, users who owned The Burning Sensation premade, will now get a Burning Sensation title in addition to the parts of the premade

– Heroes have been removed from the game as you previously knew them. New Heroes function as character skins – basically the same thing as a Camo, but instead of just changing your camo color, they can change your entire model, geometry included. These can be found under the Camo/Skin selector in customization.

– If you owned a hero permanantly, you now own their Skin, Depot Weapon, Premade (broken up as per above), and taunt instead.

– Hero taunts have been broken up to be able to work with all characters (kinda). There is a bug associated with this currently where a female hero taunt works fine on a femal model, but on a male model it will break. We are fixing this. In the meanwhile, you have the taunts, but you may not be able to properly use them until we get a new fix out.

– Blacklight Prime has been awarded to all existing PC users.

– Blacklight Prime unlocks GP Permanant prices for all GP purchasable items.

– Other items are available for GP Permanant prices on a weekly rotation. Additionally, some other items are always avaiable for GP Permanant (Combat Rifle, SMG, e.g.)

– All EXISTING PC USERS will get Blacklight Prime automatically.

– Offshore map has been removed from the game

– Slumlord map has been removed from the game

– Dropzone map has been removed from the game

– Siege game mode and Nuken map have been removed from the game

– Netwar game mode has been removed from the game

– Premium servers have been removed from the game

– Server Mutators have been added to private matches

– Global Chat has been removed from the game

– Whisper chat has been removed from the game

– Voice over IP has been disabled.

– Parties on PC have been temporarily removed from the game

– Report Bug and Report Player have been removed from the game

– Level progression and curve has been refactored. You will keep the same amount of XP but your level may change

– Twitter integration has been disabled

– FOV has been converted from an X constrained model to a Y constrained model (more similar to what hollywood does with widescreen)

– Exotic ammo types are no longer controlled via magazines – new category “ammo type” has been added

– Magnum ammo is currently identical to normal ammo, but has different visual/audio fx. When Magnum ammo gets updated you will have it already if you own it now (pre-parity).

– Explosive and Electro have their old functionality but will be updated along with Magnum ammo. Like magnum ammo you will already have it if you own it now (pre-parity).

– Explosive, Electro and Magnum will not be for sale until they are updated.

– Incendiary and Toxic ammo types have been updated to reflect latest functionality from the console.

– Toxic ammo now does less damage on impact than normal ammo, but applies a small toxic damage over time and temporarily reduces the maximum health for a limited period of time

– Toxic Gear now prevents the reduced maximum health debuff from Toxic Ammo

– Incendiary ammo now does less damage on impact than normal ammo, but applies a burn damage over time. The DOT for incendiary is larger than for Toxic.

– There are possibly other changes that we may have missed. Consider this to be “fine print”.

SECTION 2: List of Jira Tickets for Current Version[edit | edit source]

Completed Tasks:[edit | edit source]

– LMS/LTS functionality added to PS4

– Server mutators added for private matches

– Revitalized PC Presence Server

– New Icons for Titles and 100% Boosts[

– Implement a PC Style Server Browser for PC versions

– Add an “apply” button to the menu flow for PC settings menu

– ENG UI: Hook up Add Friend button on friends list

– Marketplace – Feature item scroller does not accept mouse input

– Update PC presence an friends functionality to work with refactored backend

– Recent changes to HS necessitate un-nerfing the flamethrower

– Remove unmodified stats from armor pieces in the UI

– CLAN SUPPORT implemented

– FOV Slider refactored and implemented

– Mission System implemented

– Rig – Audio implmeented

– Missions UI implemented

– Game Modes: Last Team Standing / Last Man Standing spawn streams updated


– ENG: Add the ability to add friends from the player list or non-friend clan/party members

– Rig Finalized

– PRIVATE MATCHES implemented

– FRIENDS SYSTEM powered by BACKEND implemented for PC (rather than rely on Sony friends)

– Removed uneeded server filters

– Implement informative error messages for Code Redemption

– Add new flag to playlists to have a random starting index to avoid possibility of non randomized map rotations

– Convert FOV values and calculations such that Y axies is fixed rather than X axis.

– Scope Zooming should be FOV modifications and not FOV targets

– Updated all scope FOV values to refelct change to Y axis constraint

– Toxic ammo now does less damage on impact than normal ammo, but applies a toxic damage over time and temporarily reduces the maximum health for a limited period of time

– Toxic Gear now prevents the reduced maximum health debuff from Toxic Ammo- EVAC and Vortex added to PS4

– PC Veteran Rewards Pack based on things lost in the udpate implemented

– [PS4] Change matchmaking regions to “Your own” and “Worldwide”

– Have UI auto-query new store values

– Add button somewhere in UI to go to new training level

– Add “bDisabled” flag to playlists so that default playlists can be disabled

– ENG UI: Respawn widget timer issue

– Refactored login to work with new patcher/launcher

– HRV Glitch fixed (reported on PS4)

– [PC] We need Lobby Chat in Intermission

– Hacking menu should close with RMB just like the depot

– UI: Move loadout switcher to right side on PC

– PC Mouse Option to disable Mouse/Look Acceleration by default

– Annoucement Pop Up Dialog on Login

– Remake the PC login UI

– Ensure Gore settings are functional on PC

– Disable stamina, but not by making it 999999999999999999

– Remove icestorm logos

– Hide missions that are completed and rewarded

– Make ~5 daily missions

– Updates Stamina usage in Twitch viewing OS integration

– remove stamina from HUD

– FOV Adjustments to be made for various scenes

– Remove Zombie Girl Logo/Graffitti from Decay (and other maps)

– Hero Scene – Chat in Hero Scene

– Hero Scene – Don’t Auto Show the scoreboard during hero scene

– Expose Mouse/Look Accelleration to the UI Options

– Make Loadout Selection while dead be used with Mouse Wheel and W/S

– Sanity Check “Register user” button and user capture identification so we know if a user is steam or arc.

– Make accept auto focus after choosing purchase option

– Timer indicator for Daily/Weekly missions

– New Splash Art

– Remove Steam DLC Purchase Options from Steam – since they will no longer work after Parity

– Toxic updates

– Default the game to DX9 instead of DX11

– Implement Names for Weapon Skins

– Ensure new items are properly added to the LIVE store

– Announcement Dialog Scrolling Banner Support

– Announcement Dialog Right-Thumbstick should scroll body text up/down

– Announcement Dialog downloadable banner image support

– Localization pass

– Fix production master server so we can log in via the patcher

– Validate upgraded accounts on production server

– Fix chain link doors in Heavy Metal, since you can’t shoot through them.

– Remove win32 .exe’s that aren’t used or needed

– Patcher – default region to US

– [PS4] – Update TSS to undo negative Ammo Override for the parity patch

– BACKEND: Private Matches need to be implemented

– CLIENT: Private Matches UI

– Create Generic “TItle” icon for player title items

– PC Vet Pack Tier 1 – Title

– PC Vet Pack Tier 1 – Emblem

– PC Vet Pack Tier 2 – Helmet

– PC Vet Pack Tier 3 – Weapon Skin for AR

– Engineering support for new LMS stream

– VIEW PROFILE in player list should not be on PC

– BACKEND: Clan Support

– CLIENT: Clan Support

– CLANS: Add social flyout when you receive a clan invite

– CLANS: Purchasing a clan and cancelling takes money and doesn’t give clan

– CLANS: EXPAND does not work on PC

– CLANS: EXPAND should probably not be a drop-down menu option on the clan leader

– CLANS: Set MOTD does not work on PC

– CLANS: Set MOTD should probably not be a drop-down menu action on the clan leader

– CLANS: TOGGLE INVITED should not be a drop-down menu item on the clan leader

– CLANS: Button prompts for clan actions (VIEW PROFILE, SELECT) should probably not exist as they do nothing and have broken icon references

– CLANS: Need a button to invite users to clan via user name

– CLANS: No push notification for receiving clan invites

– CLANS: Leader of clan with no other users shows 0/20 members in clan information

– CLANS: Should probably keep the option to invite others to clan even if an invite is already pending and just show the error dialog.

– CLANS: Rejecting clan invites do not work.

– CLANS: Accepting clan invite does not work

– CLANS: Clan leader removing clan invite refreshes list to no longer show pending clan invites

– CLANS: Cannot differentiate visually between users in clan who are actual members and just pending users.

Fixed Bugs:[edit | edit source]

– Can fall in between wall and shanty in Deadlock

– Title softlocks when loading in to certain maps from the game lobby

– Viewing Dataluxe X2 Tactical from the front causes it to become invisible

– Purchase dialog – Dialog is not centered

– CLIENT SOFTLOCK: Leaving a match can result in a softlocked UI state

– Players do not see their own messages in a DM

– Cyrillic Player Name Look Up Doesn’t Work

– Not receiving presence updates when joining clan

– ENG UI: Hook up Add Friend button on friends list

– Accepting friend invite does not update to show the person is online

– Being kicked from clan doesn’t update clan information properly

– Promoting doesn’t work

– User accepting clan invite does not refresh the list properly for others.

– Clan member list doesn’t update properly for members already in clan when others join into the clan.

– Re-enable social notifications that are disabled

– Clan tag does not show up in player card or player lists in online games

– Fix In-Game Player Presence

– [CONSOLE] Button prompt to add member to clan via username

– Presence for clans broken immediately after creating clan

– XP counts still don’t match in AAR

– Customization filters are not working on PC

– Bug when dying in the pause menu.

– Don’t reset level display to 1 when the backend acts up

– When funds fail to query, triangle overlaps text in currency window

– Incorrect Error Message Displayed after quick search and game leave

– Armory items don’t have any tooltip show up

– Giant friend lists can hitch the game for a very long time in the social menu, causing people to consider it frozen.

– Return to intermission button in AAR is missing loc

– Headshot kills do not prevent player revives anymore

– Text cut off in some Gear listings

– Text cut off in some Depot listings

– Button icons for gear don’t show proper in-game placement when a non-usable gear item is equipped

– Customization – Emblem – Color picker only shows black as a color

– Customization – Emblem – Selection highlight too prominent

– The T in “Permanent” when buying items with zcoin is too close to the edge of the box

– Stat Viewer appears behind UI elements

– In Game – Depot – “CP Available” text appears incorrectly

– [PC] Practice mode not launching

– [PC] Selecting the Redeem Code with the controller does not bring up the keyboard

– Map rotation always seems to not be respected

– [PC] Stamina and Health bars not shown in bottom left of screen

– [PC] The player’s weapon some times appears while using the hardsuit

– Auto Shotgun’s Barrels have incorrect icons (its using the grip icons)

– Running with the katana tends to have its ground scrape sound get stuck on

– [PC] Inspecting a player / bot after death does not show the player the killer’s loadout

– [PC] Depot menu sometimes displays smaller than normal

– GetValidMapsForGameType doesn’t seem to filter any maps

– Private matches should not host migrate; instead kick to menu

– ‘Current Loadout’ has the ‘T’ cut off at the end

– Mouse sensitivity setting in UI needs to allow equal levels of adjustments in each direction from default

– Player turn animations may be limiting camera movement and creating a feeling of “stuttering”

– [PS4] “Checking Server Status…” never ends

– Letter-boxing isn’t working in UI

– Decals act as if in foreground (show through walls & objects)

– No collision on pillar in Trench

– [PC] Game crashes if you push F12

– updating preview mesh should not happen on mouse over

– Friend Lists is broken on PC

– Server Browser needs a refresh button

– Ready up doesn’t respect other players

– Motion blur option

– Option for Brightness appears twice

– Camera jitters / hitches while mouse looking on PC. Only while using pawn.

– Playlists do not work (always opens to TDM)

– Scope. Gun and Sight Combo make for unusable Iron Sight

– “Master Loadout Glitch” Players can equip items they shouldn’t be able to by mashing buttons

– [PC] On Settings open menu, VIDEO is auto highlit

– Cursor roll over on arrow buttons in Settings not responding

– Steam Achievements not working

– “Please wait before trying to log in again” on PC should not happen

– A pop up please wait message is displayed when first entering the server browser

– MasterServer stops responding

– LTS OFTEN confuses enemies and teammates in the Blue/Orange Colorization

– In Customization, clicking equip doesn’t put it on the preview on right

– All mouse-over tooltips missing in customization

– Alt Tabbing while switching menu states can cause loss of focus

– Unable to navigate title menu with mouse

– Occassionally Master Servers seems to not allow users to find games

– Character model vanishes while in the Customization menu

– Bunch of level bugs from youtube video (Vertigo, Trench) – reported by RomanAW

– Player is able to get outside of the rig and looks to be floating in the air

– Incorrect billboard colors after team swaps in SND/LTS

– Wins in LMS overlaps a lot of text on scoreboard

– [PC] – On PC, LMB and RMB functionality for Hardsuit needs to swap

– Clan tag didn’t update in dedicate server

– FOV affects hardsuit cockpit first-person mesh

– Can’t join a clan member’s game from clan member list.

– Chat window does not disappear after entering gameplay from specatate

– If I own a trial version of a weapon, I can’t buy it again (perm or more time)

– Patcher does not give feedback to player while extracting

– Remove aim assist options for non-console

– Lotto boxes have PS4 button icons on PC

– Clan tag shows up in UI for non-accepted clan members

– Patcher sometimes doesn’t leave itself in a good state

– Purchasing ammo doesn’t show correct target weapon in purchase UI

– Disable Male Flex Taunt on PC until fixed

– Fix Patcher patching itself in subsequent versions

– Patcher throws errors when logging into arc

– Muzzle Flash FX is offset too far from the tip of the gun

– Add gun skins to the store

– Infinite loop crash

– Revive widget showed orange border when selected, even though it was usable

– X on color selector under emblem does not work

– When choosing a character’s logo colors the X button at the top right does not close popup

– No way to log out of the game if you “Remember Me” on login

– Custom playlists crash

– Dedicated server round end does not replicate to clients in a timely fashion

– Parity helmet missing from the build

– Decay is not available in Practice Mode

– BCL Weapon Tag appears as KBMOD weapon tag.

– BSD – BCL Weapon Tag appears as KBMOD weapon tag.

– BSD – Alternative keybinds not showing in Control Binds menu

– BSD – Slight Texture Bug On DeadLock

– Turn off the Block Zero Extent collision flag on all triggers in all levels

– BSD – Chat overlays Leave Match button

– BSD – No exit game button on splash screen

– You can’t click on, or get tool tip info from, items appearing in gradiant in items list

– Vortex victory screen lighting is very bright

– BSD – Back Button is not clear in UI

SECTION 3: From HSL Source Control:[edit | edit source]

UI Changes[edit | edit source]

– Fixed being able to equip mods on receivers they shouldn’t go on by doing something secret we’re not telling anyone about (aka “Master Loaodout”)

– Fix for friend list hitches being really bad with large friend lists

– Hooked up new mutator selection dialog box

– UI Art update for mutators dialog

– Updated the settings menu button for PC

– Fixs to the button tooltips in the settings menu

– Fixed serverbrowser from game transitions

– Added new mutator icons

– Added a dialog for creating private playlists

– Hooked up the custom playlist editor for private invite only matches

– Fix for black BG not showing sometimes on PC dialog boxes

– Updated GORE Settings for PC

– Toggle Scoreboard Settings

– Adding some Mission UI strings

– Fixed some menu back transition issues

– Fixed some private match listing positions so it isn’t off the screen

– Made the back button clickable area larger

– Added localization for social menu click

– Fix server browser popup

– Made it so double clicking on a loadout button causes the button to become the default

– Added prompts for selecting default loadout on PC

– New icons for boosts, titles and load outs

– Clarified cosmetic armor and weapons in server mutators more.

– Added training level to the bottom of the play game menu

– Replaced old practice command group with new practice

– Made prompts in the pause menu disappear when you’re using the mouse so they will not be in the way

– Was due to no one in friend list information actually having a uniquenetid, causing all the false positives to fire in a very large loop

– Also fixes friend list refreshing scrolling to bottom of list sometimes

– Enabled new Prime UI to better communicate what prime is/does to players

– Updated social menu slideout

– Removed loadout button from intermission

– Fixed clicking on sliders so it’s more mouse friendly

– Fixed stepper arrows not working with mouse

– Fix some stat text cutoff

– Removed duplicate brightness setting on PC

– Fix for emblem highlight to be less harsh so it will not make the orange logo unreadable

– Adding Mouse and Mouse Tight Aim Sensitivity

– Zcoin Wallet will no longer disable incorrect negative values. That way people will not panic if the server does not respond. =)

– Making the landing page navigable

– Limiting the landing page to only 4 items

– Made it so the landing page and the marketplace refresh the items when you buy one

– Updated server filters for PC parity

– Made it so priavte match playlist creation checks the filtered gamemodes

– Changed search and destroy abbreviation from S+D to SND to make things consistent

– Updated some loc to not be all caps

– Added button for add clan member

– Can now create a clan on PC

– Change some clan localization

– Spaced clan information apart to not over overlapping purchase clan button on top of pending title

– Fix setting clan MOTD button not working

– Allow text dialog boxes to enable spaces as valid characters

– MOTD works now as long as presence server is working properly

– Remove “View Profile” from clan member drop-down on non-console because PC players do not have console profiles

– Fix accepting and declining clan invites not working on PC

– Can now join and decline clan invites properly!

– Fixs to mouse over tool tips in customization UI

– Fix for tooltips not popping up on items

– Fix minimart items being disabled after transition

– Fix clan information and clan list not refreshing properly for a person who is kicked from a clan

– Notification for receiving a clan invite

– Update clan invite list when receiving clan invite

– Showing a question mark icon for clan members who are pending invite

– Fixed promoting, demoting, and making officers into the leader

– Changed MOTD to be settable by clan leader and officers

– Add an “Add Clan Member” button to clan member list so that users can be added to clan via username

– Change some badly written loc strings!

– New create clan UI icon

– Clan social category now gives option to activate a previously purchased clan creation item

– Updated localization for clan item activating

– Added support for updating clan generic textbox and button

– Updated clan purchase button

– Some changes to market tiles appearance to clean them up

– Re-enable social notifications for clan member updates

– Flyouts for everything except clan members coming online and offline

– Online/Offline notifications should be re-added when presence is fixed

– Fixs some for sum incorrekt spelligs

– Fixed settings button rollover arrows

– Fixed license for clan purchase in social menu

– Fix clan member presence updates in most cases

– Social notifications for clan members coming online and offline

– Remove question-mark icon for pending clan members

– Added presence information for clan members

– Please report new bugs if there are problems with clans

– Added new refresh button to server browser

– Added new mouse acceleration option on PC

– Fixed “label” showing on slider focus

– Much better transitions back from settings menus with mouse (clicking back goes to the previous menu)

– Fix for some issues with server browser dialogs not being removed

– Add slider to Advanced Video options that lets you change the size of the streaming texture pool.

– Includes some fixes to keep various settings options from getting erroneously clobbered

– Fix map names not showing up in custom playlist creator

– Adding ability to add friend from player context menus

– Fix Deny Friend Invite loc bug

– Remove aim assist option from PC

– Got bubblegum stuck to my shoe 

– Adjusted the main menu upwards to make more room for the news panel

– Removed progress bar from news panel if it only has one item

– Made front page news a bit taller

– Added support for multiple banner images

– Offer banner will auto-scroll now

– Update default news banner image

– Adding working localization and icon for new daily Lotto Box

– Fix for console prompts on Lotto Box popup when on PC

– Various items were using tooltip instead of desciption text. Cleaned this up

– Updated localization for some broken armory text

– Scrolling with mousewheel in chance pack UI on PC

– Fix chat not going away when switching to spectate

– Fix for [ENTER] not closing HUD chat is some situations

– Updated Localization for Emblems

– Fixed bug (Vote Kick Text is incorrect)

– FIx for “Sight 17 (OPRL Holo Sight) has incorrect Tool Tip Text.”

– Adding icon to titles to show when an item is an award to differentiate between equippable titles and award titles. (Both currently look the same)

– Fix Lotto Boxs not showing “buy” or the price in the chance pack ui on PC

– Fix Lotto Boxs not showing sale price when opening the chance pack ui

– Added sales timers to better communicate opportunites to players

– Localization updates and additions

– Updated Sales timer settings so they can be modified with out needing to patch

– Remove stamina from the stat info bars in the armory

– Removed UI referneces to the old Stamina stat

– Renamed “armor” to “head protection” to more accurate represent it’s function

– Improved UI icons for title items

– Updated PC Depot UI to include numbering

– Default to fullscreen

– Fixed a bug related to copying to a directory that doesn’t (yet) exists

– Enabled Alt Bindings Column for PC control binds

– PC Settings screen back button feed back improvement

– Resized the special offer prompt UI

– Added new respawn art changes

– Fixed revive colors

– Added close button and functionality

– changed art for settings buttons

– Announcement dialog box now scrolls with the right thumbstick

– Fixed armory filter checkboxes not working correctly on PC

– Fixed an issue with revive widget and revive

– Fixed mouse over on depot armory items

– Fixed line wrapping in armory items

– Fixed the list moving when clicking on a friend/clan

– Fixed color swatch on the X button not working

– Added more support for sale info in armory and purchase dialog

– Added yellow sale to featured banner item

– Moved the code redeem option to the options menu

– Fixed navigating between settings scenes on PC making the scene not load

– Fixed a masking issue with the new back button

– Fixed armory grid to not block tooltip functionality

MAP CHANGES[edit | edit source]

CONTAINMENT:[edit | edit source]

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Navmesh cleanup to help AI path more correctly

– Numerous small bug fixes

CONVOY:[edit | edit source]

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Fixed a bad collision bug in Convoy that prevented you from walking through a certain hallway without jumping

– Numerous small bug fixes

CRASHSITE:[edit | edit source]

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Fixed stuck spot on rock

– Fixed a Detail Mode Setting on an asset that was causing it to dissappear when detail mode was low or medium.

– Fixed collision issues with grenades going through meshes

– Numerous small bug fixes

DEADLOCK:[edit | edit source]

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Fixed stuck spot

– Cleaned up pathing volumes in deadlock

– Special attention to a bot stuck spot

– Simplified Nav Mesh to fix area where bots were getting stuck

– Fixed a collision hook on running up stairs

– Fixed collision issue

– Fixed mesh culling bug on Deadlock

– Fixed an out of map issue, exposed by blocking volume on top of elevator.

– Removed floating geo on Deadlock

– Numerous small bug fixes

DECAY:[edit | edit source]

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Removed Zombie Studios logo in “Decay”

– Rebaked lighting on Decay

– Removing “Block Zero Extent” trace checks on triggers so they won’t be considered for collision checks

– Numerous small bug fixes

EVAC:[edit | edit source]

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Navmesh cleanup to help AI path more correctly

– Numerous small bug fixes

– Added EVAC to PS4

HEAVY METAL:[edit | edit source]

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Fixed a bot stuck spot

– Allowed shooting through a chainlink fence

– Fixed map bug where a wall was mistakenly lowered

– Numerous small bug fixes

HELODECK:[edit | edit source]

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Numerous small bug fixes

METRO:[edit | edit source]

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Navmesh cleanup to help AI path more correctly

– fixed out-of-map bug in Metro

– removing “Block Zero Extent” trace checks on triggers so they are not used for collision checks

– Numerous small bug fixes

PILEDRIVER:[edit | edit source]

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– removed streams from persistent

– fixed collision issues reported by Zero Armada

– Numerous small bug fixes

RIG:[edit | edit source]

– Added new Map “Rig”

SAFEHOLD:[edit | edit source]

– Fixed bushes in Safehold blocking bullets (disabled per poly collision on leaf foliage material)

– Fixed bad collision (would catch you when going up stairs) in Seaport.

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Navmesh cleanup to help AI path more correctly

– Fixed an out of world map bug

– Put a vehicle blocking volume in the tunnel to prevent hardsuits from driving down there

– Fixed invisible collision (added back meshes where there were none – but there was collision)

– Numerous small bug fixes

SEAPORT:[edit | edit source]

– Fixed bushes in Safehold blocking bullets (disabled per poly collision on leaf foliage material)

– Fixed bad collision (would catch you when going up stairs) in Seaport.

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Fixed get out of world bug. Rebuilt paths/lighting on production

– Numerous small bug fixes

TRENCH:[edit | edit source]

– Made some aesthetic adjustments to Trench generator.

– Fixed collision on pillars

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Added blocking volume to a door with missing collision

– Updated color coding the level a bit more to provide more awareness. I was getting lost when working on it.

– Turned off shadow casting on sand piles to save on performance

– Fixed a depot and area of the map not being properly lit.

– Fixed a light map seam on some pipe meshes by rebuliding light map UVs.

– Fixed bug where sand piles blocked collision

– Numerous small bug fixes

VERTIGO:[edit | edit source]

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Fixed a spot where players could get to a place they shouldnt

– Navmesh cleanup to help AI path more correctly

– Fixed a vertigo issue that allowed players to bounce into the skiy.

– Fixed some wonky collision as well as an out of map bug.

– Numerous small bug fixes

VORTEX:[edit | edit source]

– Added Vortext to PS4

– Added separate stream for LMS so we can make LMS specific changes distinct from the core map

– Added collision to some pipes missing it

– Reduced bright light on Vortex for end of match hero pose

– Numerous small bug fixes

CONTENT & GAME CHANGES:[edit | edit source]

– Removed Datanodes

– Fix for infinite searches due to timed out pings not being treated as the same IP as the original request

– Improved retries for logins if the connection is having trouble

– Fixing process hang on shutdown

– Fix clan list updating improperly when new members join clan

– Updated private matches to support console and PC functionality

– Fix for PC playlists

– Presence server now reconnects if it fails to log in

– Prevent user name overriding for steam users

– Updated Arc SDK

– Removed other stam related twitch mods since stam is gone

– Fix DX11 shadows and shader linking errors

– Unified content cooking so PC and console are identical

– Additional logging for playtests to help find problems more quickly

– Including substance redux packed textures so the download size will be much smaller

– Add warnings when we can’t resolve a DNS address

– Potential fix for server filter list showing too many filters

– Fix engine config not saving after changing video settings so settings will not get lost

– Moved several functions out of unreal script into C++ for better performance – Localization Tool Work

– Added supported for AND / OR string searching

– Adding some more mission support

– Fixed playlist hitch

– Added a new Gold default item set

– Added gold item icons

– Created Titles for premade conversion for the compensation in the parity patch.:)

– Changed package settings so bots can spawn on pc

– Fixed Dataluxe Tactical chest piece as it was incorrectly labeled

– Changed Blacklight Prime Membership to Blacklight Prime. Changed Blacklight Prime Member to Blacklight Prime Owner. Membership implied subscription fee, there is none.

– Added GOLD icons to appropriate packages

– Fixed shrinking Depot icons issue to make initial selection more consistant

– Added depot navigation callout

– Removed the jump penalizer from the flamethrower… It no longer costs stamina to jump with the flamethrower.

– FOV now locks against y-axis which causes a more movie-like effect on screen-loss when changing aspect ratios.

– Zooming mechanics largely kept the same with target FOV’s

– Camera mechanics changed to be based on a slider

– TargetFOV is still a thing and is based on assumed default of 90 FOV

– Increased FOV range to [60, 150]

– Tweaked closed scope mesh positions to move slightly based on FOV to remove seeing beyond edges at high FOV’s.

– Fixed position of preview meshes in YFOV

– Adding content to game to support various awards. Still more to come so stay tuned!

– Made it so the hacking minigame now can be closed with RMB

– Fixed the camera jittering due to bone location caching

– Fixed being able to revive on Headshot Kills

– Just tear is out!

– Added BugBasher Title

– Fixed the level display as 1 when the backend fails

– Fixed an issue so that Clans don’t check console or arc

– Fixed not seeing clan tags in online matches on PC

– Chat is now present on PC in intermission and lobbies

– Made it so that after selecting a price the cursor defaults to Accept. (was for console only, now will work if using the controller)

– if only 1 option is available it will now be selected automatically and take the player to the Accept Button

– Added a new package for ak weapon models and textures

– Added a new package for AR weapon models and textures, updating AK weapon package

– Added a new package for ar3 weapon models and textures

– Fixed clan expansion!

– Removed the tops of the rings on the barrel sights

– Make private matches start as a standar private match so they shutdown when empty

– Updated clan creation icon

– Made it so the add clan/friend button not animate when highlighted

– Fixed FOV for certain Third Person views

– Added HSL emblems, Emblems for Bots are a fixed color, Player Emblems are customizable

– Fixed Katana charge sounds, they now end when they should

– Fixed HUD chat

– Removed automatically showing the scoreboard at the end of rounds.

– I hate my life… build issues

– [PS4] Changed matchmaking to use only two regions: “Your Own” and “Worldwide”

– Fixed incorrect team colors in billboards after team switches

– Fixed player weapon floating around while inside a hardsuit

– Don’t hate me for config arrays! It’s how it was previously written! 

– if(‘spoon’)) unequip(); // There is no spoon

– DM matches are shuffled again

– Fixed playlist cycling.

– Fixed random shuffling not being consistant

– Fixed dedicated servers not showing clan tags on Player Lists

– Animated the hsl emblem, isolated the bot emblem

– Moved loadout swapper to the left side of the screen

– Loadout swapper now scrolls with mouse wheel, arrow keys, and W/S keys

– Added an input guard to prevent spamming of the W/S keys on death to try to counter accidental loadout changes

– Fixed practice match bots starting at 1 instead of 9

– Fixed an issue with the camo list thinking everything was consumable

– Fixed MotionBlur and Letterbox.

– Fixed player names having incorrect colors after team swaps in LTS

– Fixed an issue showing incorrect max players for servers in server browser

– Fixed icons for gear items being incorrect in the armory if you equip a non-wieldable gear item (such as protection gear)

– Fixed an issue with the Mission Timer

– Added better mission support, now displays time remaining and has the ability to trash expired missions.

– Will hide missions that have been completed and redeemed, storing them until they expire and can be trashed

– Fixed taunts going to the wrong index after equipping them

– Added Parity Emblem – Drought Survivor, Parity Title – SURVIVOR OF THE DROUGHT, Parity Helmet – Helm of the Drought, Parity Weapon Skin – The Droughtbreaker

– Fixed offset iron sights.

– Added a new dialog box for announcements

– Fixed game modes to add TDM

– Fixed an issue where trashing missions caused a softlock

– Fixed an issue where the dialog box displayed as ‘undefined’ when buying elemental ammo

– Added Veteran helmet

– Added skinned weapons packages

– Added new Veteran Helmet and reciever.

– Added updated weapons skin packages

– Added a new profile setting for vehicle FOV’s

– Loading screens on map loads are now re-enabled for all platforms

– Fixed the expired flag in the missions list

– Added updated icons

– Fixed idle kicking not working for players in round-based game modes

– Updated Veteran Weapon skin

– Updated primary skins, updated LOC to remove errors

– Added AR Vet skin

– Fixed heal injector bugs so that personal and player heals are onb the same timer

– Fixed incorrect animations being used when picking up your thrown tomahawk without the detonator actually equipped

– Added the Golden Grenade and Golden Knife

– Depot can now purchase items using number keys

– Fixed weapon skins for LMG

– Updated the PC splash image

– Updated AR weapon skins with a new barrel

– Updated AR3 weapon with new barrel, updating AR, AR3 icons

– Updated SMG 3rd person mesh and icons

– Increased engine pool sizes for Audio

– Fixed an issue that did not allow shooting through a chainlink fence

– Fixed localization issues on the PS4 where the sensitivities of the controller did not say “gamepad”

– Removed stamina stats from Lower Body armor

– Made it so default gamepad sensitivity settings were not suck

– Updated FP muzzle brake effect so it doesn’t appear to float

– Added volk34r helmet packages and icons

– Created clean concrete material for Gun Range

– Added Volk34r Elite helmet

– Fixed dedicated server custom playlists

– Fixed spectator prompt/chat overlay on PC

– Fixed depot issue with mouse cursor

– Added being able to sort private match names

– Added BCL weapon tag mesh and textures. (Because the other one got nuked somehow)

– Updated filtered words.

– Fixed the control bindings to highlight with the mouse


– Added packages for MLG helmet variants

– Hid the reticle and crosshair when initiating a thrid person taunt

– Fixed map sorting in practice settings

– Changed ZEN to Zcoin

– Fixed default values button in settings menu in Spanish

– Fixed SARK barrel icons

– Fixed a bunch of missing loc strings for emblems

– Fixed Spanish localization.

– Added close tab on splash screen

– Added support for alt bindings back on PC

– Player pawns now rotate twice as fast resulting in less-noticeable running in the wrong direction when turing the camera fast

– Adding Weapon skins to PC

– Fixed an issue so that new helmets are now consistent across platforms

– Fixed ZCoin from Zen again. this time without getting rid of all caps.

– Removed the all caps names for bundles

– Updated ice axe gear mesh to only use one material

– Changed fireRate on Tactical Spoon to 1256

– Changed Damage on Tactical Spoon to 82

– Changed baseRecoil on Tactical Spoon to 0.0

– Changed recoilVectorOffset on Tactical Spoon to (x=0.0, y=0.0)

– Added misterSpoonBeam behavior to Spoonicorn

– misterSpoonBeam does 0 damage but renders target unable to fire or move for 3860 seconds

– Added music to misterSpoonBeam

– Note: have legal verify usage rights with Mr. Astley’s management team

– Finished receiver cleanup

– Hostability checks now run on main menu

– Added icon for Supporter Title & animated icons for permanent cp/gp/xp boosts

– Game invites re-implemented for PC

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