Patch v3.02 [12 February 2018] Edit

The following information can also be found at Patch 3.02 Live Now.

Note: This patch is for the PC version of Blacklight: Retribution. The PS4 version of this patch will be released late-March.

Updates Edit

  • Added “close game” option to screen login
  • Community camos added to game
  • Tool tips updated for armor where sockets count has changed
  • Weapon updates to: HAR, LMG, M4X, CR, TSMG, AR

Weapon Updates Edit

Heavy Assault Rifle Edit

  • Recoil: 125.36 Greenarrow right 75.31

Light Machine Gun Edit

  • Recoil: 26.02 Greenarrow right 17.09

M4X Rifle Edit

  • No visible stat changes

Combat Rifle Edit

  • Recoil: 32.28 Redarrow right 39.41

Tactical Sub Machine Gun Edit

  • Recoil: 3.98 Redarrow right 57.23
  • Range: 35/60 Redarrow right 17/45

Assault Rifle Edit

  • Recoil: 26.90 Greenarrow right 8.16

Fixes Edit

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