Pract Mode Bot

Bot with a Frontier Rx7 'Blaster' Premade

Practice Mode
is a single-player co-op mode for Blacklight: Retribution introduced in patch 0.990 on October 23, 2012. It matches the player in a Team Deathmatch against a team of AI Bots on HeloDeck, supported by a team of allied bots. It isn't a full game mode on its own though, because while you collect CP and can spend it during Practice, you will not get any experience or GP at the end of the round. It gives you the opportunity to try out a new weapon or to train yourself before playing with other players.


Bots are basically NPCs and they have superior aiming, but do not react well when the player shoots them from behind. Their pathing also seems to be sub-par; it is not unusual to see a large cluster of bots emptying clip after clip,  attempting to fire through a wall. The bots all have names like "Rick", "Jared" or "Colin", which matches the names of Zombie Studios employees involved with developing the game. Their weapons can be picked off the floor, giving you the chance to try their premade weapons during the match. They appear to be wearing ARK Unibody LB19 boots worn by MARS also. Their upper body armor is similar to one of the additional skins of this robot Hero.

Health: 237

BLR Bot Jared

A bot named after Zombie's Jared Gerritzen, holding a Briar Mod-XSi 'Grasshopper'



Tactical Gear:


  • Unknown. They appear to be equipped with grenades, but have not yet been observed using them.
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