Premade Weapons were primary and secondary weapons that were available before the Parity Patch in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

Pre-Parity Patch Edit

Premade weapon bar

Original Premade Weapons

Premade Weapons, usually just referred to as Premades, were primary or secondary weapons in Blacklight: Retribution that featured a fixed set of components. These components could not be interchanged for different attachments, nor could the premade's components be used on your other weapons. However, it was possible to use different camos and weapon tags.

Premade Weapons were removed entirely from the game with the introduction of the Parity Patch and it is not possible to buy them anymore. Players who had bought premade weapons before the Parity Patch received all that weapon parts permanently from the premades they owned.

Premade Weapons counted as premium items, only purchasable with ZCoin, although they also had a GP rental price for 1 day and were immediately unlocked at level 1, enabling players to test a weapon out before fully committing.

Generally, Premade Weapons cycled out of the Marketplace and replaced with different ones. Players who had permanently bought those weapons before they were retired could continue to use theirs.

For a list of Premade Weapons, see the category Premade.

Advantages Edit

  • A Premade usually featured a nicely balanced set of components that worked well together.
  • The Receiver or the other components might have been well beyond your level, but all Premades were available at level 1.
  • A Premade had a unique 'brand name' shown to enemies killed by it.
  • Premades were at the time, the only way to permanently own Special Ammunition.
  • Premades often had slightly better Scope-In times than you would get when using the same Scope on a normal Receiver.

Disadvantages Edit

  • As you could not change the components on this weapon, it was not possible to improve it further.
  • Premade Weapons were only available to be bought with ZCoin.

Post Parity Patch Edit

Premades after the Parity Patch no longer exist within the game. Players who had purchased certain permades before the Parity Patch received a title. Also players permanently received all weapon parts for any premades they had purchased.

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