The Prestige System is new way to continue leveling and earn additional rewards in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

From HSL's description of the Prestige System

Brand new with this update is an improved leveling model for Blacklight. We have increased the level cap to 100 instead of 69 [Ed. “Giggity”] and introduced a cyclical prestige system. Once you hit level 100 you will have the option of receiving 1 rank of prestige, which will then start you at level 1 of your next rank of prestige. For every 100 levels you earn, you can exchange them for 1 level of prestige.


Prestige Examples

We have also reduced the time it takes to reach maximum level. Over the long term the progression scale is much longer than it used to be. The amount of XP to reach our new max level of 100 is much shorter than the amount of XP required to hit the previous cap of 69. At this time we have not implemented any cap on the prestige levels.

In the image above, the large 15 is the level and the smaller number in the black box is the prestige. In that example SpragUI has leveled prestige 23 times (working on his 24th); so that’s effectively level 100 done 23 times. Additionally, as you prestige more, the background to your levels will update.

Why do this?

We want those who have been playing and grinding for a long time to be able to show off the amount of XP they’ve earned and be proud of the amount of time they have spent playing Blacklight. At the same time, the future will bring more rewards to players based on their level and prestige progression. Implementing this system meets the needs for this and builds the foundation from which to do more!

Be sure to visit the Prestige Tab in the Social menu to find your Prestige.


Prestige tab in the Social Menu

Prestige Rewards Edit

Item Prestige Level Awarded
Prestige Trophy 1 - 5
Prestige Allied LZ Viper 10
Prestige Overmatch Anaconda KX7 15
Prestige Frag Grenade Mk.1 20
Prestige Combat Knife Mk.1 25
Prestige Overmatch ArmetX 30

Prestige 100 Edit

Upon reaching prestige level 100 there is nothing special that happens. You will simply continue to gain prestige levels normally.

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