The Proximity Mine Mk.1 is a piece of Gear that is available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

The Proximity Mine Mk.1 is a mine that can be attached to almost any surface. When triggered by an enemy the Proximity Mine Mk.1 will detonate dealing 300 damage to all player caught in its blast radius.

Additionally, after being used, the Proximity Mine Mk.1 will be visible on every enemy's HRV with a triangular exclamation sign.

Tactics Edit

In Domination or Capture the Flag, the Proximity Mine Mk.1 is often placed on enemy and friendly nodes or capture points.

Use HRV to spot the mines and destroy them before approaching nodes or capture points.

Rarity Edit

  • Uncommon

Price Edit

In-game Description Edit

Explosive fragmentation mine triggered by nearby enemies. Device explodes dealing 300 damage over an 8 meter blast radius. You may only equip one of this item.

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