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The RL5 Armor Stinger is a default Depot Weapon in Blacklight: Retribution.


The RL5 Armor Stinger is a rocket launcher that can be bought from the Depot for 400 CP and is effective against Hardsuits or the Scorpion Tank. This weapon a default depot weapon that comes with every character.

Rockets that hit a Hardsuit or Scorpion Tank will do 6562 damage, regardless of where they hit. This is enough to destroy a Rhino Hardsuit in three hits, the Gunman Hardsuit in two, or a fully repaired Scorpion Tank in five.

The rocket is significantly less powerful when used against any other target. A direct hit will kill any agent, regardless of health or loadout, but near-misses will do relatively little splash damage. The overall damage is also significantly reduced and a direct hit will not even destroy a turret.

Purchasing the RL5 Armor Stinger at the depot will give three rockets. After they are fired, it is necessary to re-purchase the item or to purchase a Heavy Weapon Refill from the depot.

In-Game Description

Depot Weapon. Fires an armor-piercing rocket. Deals focused explosive damage.


  • None, this is a default weapon.