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[[Category:Blacklight: Retribution]]
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[[Category:Primary Weapon]]

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BLR DE Redsand VCPD-6 Hitman

Redsand VCPD-6 'Hitman'

The Redsand VCPD-6 'Hitman' is a Premade TSMG that is available in the Marketplace. It is the first weapon of its type to be released permanently into Blacklight: Retribution. It is ideal for CQB, has a decent spread and a positive Run value.

The "Hitman" is an ideal weapon for those who choose CQB, and being a submachine gun, allows the player to move quickly. It is decent in CQB due to its high fire rate of 800 RPM while maintaining low spread and recoil. Also, it has a silencer and a holographic sight with a zoom of only 1.60. However, the Hitman has a damage of only 30, which is a major drawback for this gun. Overall, this gun is the ultimate stealth CQB, and should not be used at longer ranges than is it meant for.


Damage 30 Firerate 800
Ammo 40/160 Reload 2.67 Sec.
Zoom 1,60 X Scope In 0.30 Sec,
Spread Hip 1.16° Max 5.27°
Spread ADS 0.58° Max 2.64°


Range 34/88
Run +0.40


  • 1 Day: 200 GP / 25 ZEN
  • Permanent: 750 ZEN
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