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The Revival Injector Mk.1 is a Tactical Gear available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Overview Edit

The Revival Injector Mk.1 is a Tactical Gear used to revive fallen team mates. Under certain conditions, it is not possible to revive teammates.

In-game Description Edit

Tactical gear. Used to revive downed teammates.

Rarity Edit

  • Uncommon

Price Edit

Attributes & Use Edit

The Revival Injector Mk.1 is a very useful tool in the right hands and conditions. It is meant to revive teammates that were previously eliminated under certain conditions. It is not possible to revive a teammate if they are killed by the following:

When the Revival Injector Mk.1 is used on a teammate, they will be given the option to accept the revive or wait to respawn depending on the gamemode. If they accept it, an animation will play in which they use an injector on themselves and quickly get up off the ground. During this recovery sequence, the player is invincible and cannot take any damage until they are completely on their feet.

Please note that if a player does accept a revive, they will be very vulnerable if the enemy players see the Revival Injector Mk.1 being administered. On top of that, revived players are not refunded a death.

The only true benefit of being revived is to have another chance to fight, gamemodes like Search and Destroy are the few places where the Revival Injector Mk.1 is truly useful. Otherwise, many players find it frustrating to be revived and then getting caught in the crossfire, only to be killed again.

The Revival Injector Mk.1 can be used in onslaught matches to offer an instant revive to the downed teammate, saving a player having to manually revive the downed player over time.

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